Sunday, October 02, 2005

Clearwire rules.

I am at starbucks. i have been here since about 5pm. it is pushing 8:20. I will be here another couple hours. I am on a study break right now. My mind is a flurry of spanish grammar... I have a test on tuesday and I am superdee duperdee nervous about it.

Friday night I went to Freshman Follies. No offense to those of you who were in the show.. but it wasnt worth 9 dollars. It was fun however to hang out with James. Hes fun.. itll be nice to have another crazy friend next semester.

After that I went over to Isaacs and watche he, jeremy and austin play some starwars video game. It was a blast. I miss watching Drew play for hours on end. Its like a movie I can get involved in. Plus it was fun to make fun of them when they sucked like I couldve done better... hahah not likely.

Saturday morning I went to Healing hands to help fold close for my Service Hours. I love it there. Kat is amazing and the girls that go from our class are so funny. I think Ill keep going to help out even after my hours are done. Kat has great stories and it is an amazingly impactful and passionate non profit!

I hit the Homer Hiccolm concert on Sat night.. that despite the crappy beore and after bands was SO worth the 10 bucks to get in. THey are amazing in concert. Wow. And great guys too!

After THAT.... the fun began. I went with jeremy and austin, to meet up with Isaac and a bunch of people I didnt know at this girls house who I didnt know. They were having a Salsa party, and it was SOOOOOO MUCH FUN. It has been so long since I have been in the social scene... let alone with a group of people I dont know. I didnt realize how much I missed hanging out with new people, groups of people, doing social things. Something God has pushed me to do this semester is spread out my time between lots of different people.. push my bubble a little bit to include people Im not used to, people that think differently, and people that intimidate the hell out of me. I have learned so much. I am so grateful to all the opportunities I have had to do it thus far this semester. It is busy and hectic, but I wouldnt trade it for anything. Its nice to have the challenge of a schedule, work, school, social..

crap ok Im off to studying again.