Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Horrible title.

Man this week has been crazy but beautiful .. I had monday and tonigh.. wednesday off... I am swithcing with Ashby on fri/sat so that she can go home for easter and I can have a friday night off.. which means I havent worked since friday and I wont work again til Saturday... WOOT.. So I am enjoying life as a free girl for the week.. catching up on projects and watching a lot of Crossing Jordan and CSI Miami my two favorite crime shows.. yes. .true fact I like watching dead bodies be disected and murders be solved... anyways.

My plane tickets were bought for going home for the wedding and I realized that that is like 3 weeks from now.. craziness

We close on our new house next week friday... WOOT

We have a puppy named Jack. Jackie boy!! Can I call him Cowboy? True.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

whoosh.. yah that was time..

Ok so it has been quite a while. I apologize it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Spring break was amazing and wonderful. We went to San Diego, stayed in La Jolla, went to LA for the day, saw pepperdines version of what might be akin to SingSong only very much different, and then headed back. I had a lot of coffee.. I tried different cafes under the cover of research and only like about 2 of my ten mochas. Im picky now.. thats all. I found some amazing gifts for my mom and sister which i dare not divulge in case they see this before they recieve their gifts.

I am moving in with Brooke and Megan for this next year. I am pumped. We have a house on E.N. 13th that has some of the most hideous wallpaper.. which will be remedied promptly. It closes on the 21st but Imnot moving in til May cuz I want to wait until after finals and such.

I am still planning on going home to michigan for shyles wedding before finals. man it is going to be nuts. the things you do for quazi family. hahahah

My brother apparently is doing amazing. He and his girlfriend are moving in together and marriage is in the future. I am SOO happy for him, he is an amazing man and I hope that she is cool.. i havent ever met her ( i dont think) so it is exciting. Honestly I hope they get married and have kids.. cuz I think my brother will be an amazing daddy! He was a great older brother!

Things with work are nuts right now.. but good. In fact I actually have to go there to work a short shift. Then its the Shades Show tonight and the Revolution Party! Woot!