Thursday, May 12, 2005


So I am sitting here at Melody/Deborah's house on the computer with two of the 4 dogs licking my toes and 3 cats running around.. its like heaven.. hahhaha

Yesterday Deb and I went apartment hunting.. by that I mean for about 6 hours we drove around town and got info from like 8 different Apart. complexes... saw some apartments.. and then eventually despite our previously made decisions are now considering being roommates my dad is right.. BLAST... it is So much cheaper.. so now we are waiting for my dad to come into town on monday and help us decide which complex would be the best.. we narrowed it down to two places.. Parkridge Place and Willow crest Apts. They are totally different.. like TOTALLy.. but one is more expensive and nice.. the latter is cheaper but we got to actually see an apt and they are nice.. plus it has a creek! Which is so uncommon in Texas that we want to sign a lease today! hahahahha.. anyways..

Other than all that I got to play disc last much fun.. it felt good to play well.. although I lost energy about a third of the way through and was a lazy bum...

Today we leave for Dallas for my First Aid class tonight and hangin with Bret and Summer this weekend.. I am pumped for that.. I hoep I have neough cash in my account to pay for gas, FA and Six Flags.. Im rather worried actually.. We'll see.. either way itll be fun

I leave for Juarez in Two weeks.. less than that actuallya nd it is making me really nervous...

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Ok.. it is like 7pm sunday. The past few days have been fantastic!

Thursday night.. post Trabajo Final Turn in for Pensamiento.. we frantically searched the Net of Inter for a cabin to stay in when we arrived in Dayman Springs the next morning (the bus left 4 hours later.. 11:30 we were frantic).. at about 9pm we called the lady we had made prior arrangements with and turns out we had a cabin all along. We packed, caught our bus, and 6 hours later deboarded the bus.. turned around and realized we were in the middle of nowhere.. One way was a bridge, the other two streets.. and nothing open. It was afterall 5 in the morning. We walked around the itty bitty town of dayman, picked up some stray dogs, and eventually got invited into a reception area of a cabin that we.. eventually.. ended up staying at because the other place wouldnt let us come in until like late that evening.. SO we got into our newly acquired amazing cabin and slept... ahhh.. then off to the Termas.. which were all pools heated by Hot Spring water and amazing.. for like 10hours we just chilled, sat, talked, laughed, roughhoused in the water and had a blast.. Later we got dinner and jsut all sat around talking and laughing and listening to music..

Yesterday morning I got a Professional MASSage.. it was A - Mazing! then off to the Parque Aquatico. We had a blast there running around, breaking rules on the slides and gawking in nausea at the old OLD men in speedos.. SICK.

We eventually caught our bus back home and arrived early this morning. It was amazing to just chill out and not HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

So the week begins.. I am tired, but I can sleep and sleep and sleep.

Today we watched Dead Poet's society.. I miss that movie.. it is SO good.

I talked to my mom on the phone I miss her

Sometimes I wonder if I fell off the face of the planet with my friends in Atown.. I know that Jules, Phil, Stephen,Brooke etc didnt forget me.. kristen too.. but I remember when somebody fromt he group left and I didn't hear a WORD about her til she returned, and even then it was different. Maybe this is just me being stupid.. probably... Im alright with either.. it was just a thought..

I miss my mommy