Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Un Dia Normal

Pues, hoy decidí que quiero escribir algo en mi blog pero en honor de mi tarea, mi tarea del español, voy a escribirlo en español. Entonces...

Mis clases empezaron ayer.. tengo alguien que conozco en cada clase, y por eso mis clases estan bien. En mi clase de relaciones internacionales, vamos a trabajar con una organizacion que se llama Healing Hands. Esta organizacion ayuda a los misioneros de la iglesias de cristo en todos partes del mundo. Estoy animada que puedo trabajar con esta organizacion.. tambien quiero trabajar con International Refugee Committee, pero no se si voy a tener bastante tiempo por los dos.

Estoy hablando con Eilleen por MSN. Con todo mi ser les extraño a mis amigos en Juarez Mexico. A Juan, a Chiquis, Eilleen, Rosa, Anahy, Raquel y Uliel, sus hijos, a Octavio y Blanco, mi otro novio Viktor y Isai.... y todos! Al Pastor tambien! Quiero visitarles pronto pero tengo que esperar hasta octubre cuando tenemos vacaciones.. que lastima.

Lo siento a los que no se pueden leer en español! Pero que divertido!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An odd day

So this morning I drove back home from a great two days with mom. The drive home was amazingly easier, despite having the cats too... Yay for having cats now! They will come especially in handy now that I am single. Yes that is right.. stephen and I broke up. It was a hard ending to an amazing relationship. But I really felt God calling me to a season of singleness that I have never had, that I really really need, and hope will bear much fruit. Stephen know I love you dearly. It is my own fault for not taking this time before. I was selfish. I pray for you and your continued wrestling match with God. I hope to see you on the Frisbee field.. I would hate to miss opportunity to be blessed by such awesome role models as the grad guys.. aka you and your roommates and friends. But I understand either way.

I have cats in my apartment.

I have an apartment.

I have a 19 hour semester coming up.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Livin it Sola!

Well I made it back from J town to A town on Tuesday. Stacy and I drove into Abilene from Juarez, got here around five, spent some time with dad and chillaxin around town then eagerly went to bed early. My new apartment is awesome! I love it! And it is amazing being alone! I hope I dont get sick of it! I dont think I will! I have gotten to see brooke, ali, stev and marcus, oh and luke but not really anyone else. Its still kind of early and people are crazy busy.

Our farewell to our community was so hard. I have such amazing relationships with our community in Juarez. The church families, my little KC monsters. It was just an amazing summer with lots of love poured out of all directions. I have been recieving emails from youth all summer, and now from community members!!! I miss Eilleen my favorite enemy! She is like 17 and feisty.. I had such a hard time breaking down her wall but once it crumbled we had so much fun. I miss Rosa, her friendship, our sisterhood and beautiful Anahy. I miss Chito, Chiquis, Reyna, Raquel and Uriel. I miss all of our weekend fun with clubs and soccer games. It is so strange to know the amazing family I have in that city. I hope they come to visit! I hope I can go back soon! Once I get some of these pictures on my computer Ill post them. I dont know when that will be my camera is in the shop again. But hey it has had a rough couple of months ya know?

It is strange to know that I am not going to be living in another country in two weeks. I feel like I should be leaving again. Well tomorrow I am going to missourri but I mean to like you know LIVE. It has been an amazingly challenging 7/8 months.

Spiritually I have really been faced with a lot of challenges. God has been showing me some things.
First is that 4 years ago, one spring break in mexico he ignited a fire in my heart that will never go out. It is a fire for hispanics, spanish, mexico and everything regarding that. God showed me that this passion is a gift and something I need to regard as precious. I see that now. That is obviously something that I need to remember when making decisions and thinking about my future. It is a factor. It is God's will. I don't know what He is going to do with it, but I can't wait to see!

Second I need to find out who I want to be in Christ. Christ is supposed to transform my life into something lovely. I have never given the chance for Him to do that. I need to take time to figure out how my life is integrated into His eternity, not how I integrate or fit Him into my lifestyle.

Third. God is all about relationships. I knew that but this summer made that so clear. This summer I often was running on about 2 hours of sleep because I had been up with community members and then had to keep working the next day. I always wondered when I would be tired. Then it hit me. These relationships are filling me more than actual rest. They are so important that I dont need sleep to ill me all the time. not necessarily that I can abuse my body with the expectation of his continual strength. But that when it comes to building relationships and loving on people, God will always fill you up more than you could ask for.

Four. I know nothing. I am weak. I struggle all the time. I am poor in spirit. and I absolutely do not deserve Gods faithfulness. And yet. He gives it freely. I am still wrestling with what exactly that means. But I do know that it is beautiful.

Five. God is in the midst of it all. He is in my school, my town, he is in Juarez, he is in the clubs, he is in the churches. He was in my Kids Club, and our worksites. Man. He just IS. Thats why he is the I AM. Cuz its true.