Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fun Times

Thanks to Kyla! Randomly found this on your blog!


Because God is good! Got my scholarship check in today. Man I am glad that all worked out. Went to the bank to deposit my newly acquired 3 grand and it was very anticlimactic. I was waiting for trumpets to sound and balloons to drop from the ceiling. It didnt happened. The clerk just handed me a lil reciept with an "ok done.. so leave already" kind of look. He was so not impressed. Anyway, my dad was proud atleast. It is sort of the finishing touch to this semester getting started. Officializing the fact I am about to leave the country. Yikes. knots in my stomach, heart racing, smile on my face.

First I am excited to see my mom though, I just found out she gets work off next week. Im so excited about that! I cant wait to hang out and just chill for a week with her! I miss her a ton!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Broken Hearted

100,000 lost. How does a person cope with that? How does God feel right now. I can see him weeping and convulsing in tears along with those that have lost loved ones. And over those souls who didn't know him. How do we as cozy americans allow ourselves to be affected by this. Part of me wants to hide in a book, or tv, or homework or shopping. The other part of me wants to get my hands dirty and out of this blasted cozy corner to do something. I want to be someone that can step up and make things better. I feel useless.

God give us the courage to be sad. Give us the courage to trust you. Give us the courage to be patient. Give us the courage to love.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hate to admit it..

I hate to admit my interest in sports.. but today was a blast. Between the Indianapolis game with Manning winning the game and beating Marino's record.. DANG. PLUS Detroit won too! It was a day of lots of screaming and jumping for the fam!

We went to the other Chill's house, my aunt kris, uncle mike and cousin Brians that is. A lot of people ended up being in town so it was a blast to chill out with tons of food, sports, games and a whole lot of pets. All three families had their pets so we had the dogs : Louis, Tug, Phoebe and Danny, all Labs and golden retrievers, plus Brian's cat whose name I dont remember. She was a hysterical cat, pouncing and gettin fiesty with the dogs despite her lack of size. She had so much spunk and was really cute. I am covered in black cat hair, but she was worth it. I miss my cats.

Got a lot of cool stuff...
Mittens and a hat.. which wont be needed before too long but Ill stow them til next year.
The ENTIRE lemony snicket series.. WOOT WOOT!!!
A watch which is extremely nice, and I fear breaking constantly.
A lil purse which is cute
CASH like crazy from my insane aunt for Uruguay
and a really awesome turquoise leather journal for next semester as well.

I heart my family. Other than all that things were fun, played cards cranium, and tried to figure out my cousins spanish/english computer thing. I sucked. I didnt get it. neither did they though.

I cant believe this time next week Ill be in Missouri, and then a week later Abilene and then a week later another hemisphere. Im stoked, Im nervous, Im petrified, Im prepared.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Tidings!

Merry Xmas to all! Man its almost 1:30pm, and I am just waking up. Thats the best xmas gift EVER. Not sure what the plans are today, but so far I am enjoying sitting, not thinking and seeing snow, but not being in it.

Hope everyone has fantastic holidays! gimme a holler and let me know what your plans are! I miss my buddies!

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Got my bilingual bible in today! YESSSS!!! Im stoked..

thats all.

Sometimes Whining Works!

Yesterday I was sad and whining we didnt have any snow on the ground yet for xmas.

OOOOOHHHH MAN.. did we get snow!!
we got about 10 inches last night! I mean its swirling, driftin, pilin, icin! WOOHOO!!! I want to go skiing BAD!!!

Ill take pics if I get the chance.

Miss you guys!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Feeling better today. Got cough med's, etc. Hope it works this time.

Dad and I are making xmas cookies.. hope they turn out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Dad went to the doc today. We got to sit in the ortho ward for like a million hours listening to the doctors pass by patients, explain situations, review cases. It was actually pretty interesting. A girl across the room played ultimate, and was talking about it. I think she played with the AA group I was gonna play with but opted out of. Strange. Anyway. Looks like he's got another 6-8 weeks in crutches. He's not happy. Poor guy. Thats crazy rough.

Other than that not much happened. Watched Napoleon Dynamite. Dad thought it was ok but wasn't too impressed. It really wasn't as funny the second time around. Its funnier to just have Adam BE napoleon now. Its like monty python. You have to have a group of people who have seen it to laugh the second and fiftieth times around. Otherwise.. its just WEIRD.

Im off to the Urgent Care place again in the morning. I am still sick. I hate it. It sucks. i cant breathe. I am now done whining about it.

I got my textbook for the study abroad class. It is useless. USELESS. Oh well, I will skim my lil heart out. atleast its short.

I am officially nervous to leave for Uruguay. I cant believe its here. When I think about it I get knots in my stomach and get all queasy. Im never nervous for this stuff. I guess this is a good thing though. I know God has a lot in store to show me in the next few months. A lot to learn, a lot to see. I hope I soak it all in.

Monday, December 20, 2004

New Additions

Added links to the sidebar..

pics of Uruguay and other things will be on my webshots... the phyl's pics link goes to that site..

also, for fam and whomever desires to talk to me this semester, I posted the link for calling cards. Its a cheap card, and is cheaper for you to call me(3c/min) than for me to call you (33c/min or so). So thats that.

Plus my mom's blog has started.. if you dont want it there Ill take it off, but this way itll be easier for me to find it. AND mom you should check Mike Cope's blog every so often. He is our preacher at Highland Church of Christ, and is an awesome guy. You'll appreciate a lot of his posts and such. and anyone else too.


Man it was a long weekend. I am so tired. Last night I got to chill out and talk to my Aunt Carol for hours. It was so fun. She's a blast to talk to. Looks like everyone is coming over for xmas dinner on sunday. Which is exciting. It will be good to get a break from studying. That starts tomorrow. I get to take dad to the doc's then hit the books all week for this study abroad class. Arg. Oh well. Borders will be a pal and let me borrow books and drink coffee. YAY.

Other than all of that. Its nice to be able to finally chill. No shopping, no running, just sitting.

Got a some really cool books from shyle. SHe works at baker and found a bunch she thought Id like. One is called "Living on the Borders: what the church can learn from ethnic immigrant cultures" ... Hopefully itll be good. Other than that she snagged some cool fiction girlie books. I stole Abraham from my Aunt Trish. Haven't started it yet. I have seen it at borders every once in awhile but never read it yet.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Done Rushin.

Got back from GH today after a crazy busy weekend. I am exhoausted. Friday I got to chill out with shy some, talking and putting together her bookcase. Then we hit up dinner and went to see Mike Morgan play downtown at the Community Center. Got to see all sorts of people, Jon Striker- who is officially on my list for people who will get support letters. Holy cow that kid is loaded for being 19. I cant imagine owning a business at this age. Got to see Kurt French, Melissa Anys, Nate, Drew, Randy McClain, Mike, all sorts of people. It was craziness. Post concert we went to Wendy's for Frosty's in single digit weather. Lyd showed up so she ended up comin back with shy and I to Shy's house. We got to have some girl talkin time. I got lots of good advice and catch up summaries.

Saturday I got to hang out with my brother all day. It was a blast. We got lunch at Johnny Carinos, went to the CRAZINESS of the mall without making a single purchase, played with his Charlie Beef of a puppy, and went to Craig's Cruisers for arcade games and the meeting of the girlfriend. She was really cute, and a sweet girl. Later I went to Bryant's and we got Panera and got to talk for a long while. It was good to chat, and get more advice. heheh.. or atleast be able to discuss.. certain people, i mean topics, I mean topics relating to certain people, crap. anyway.. we talked and ate. Then Lyd and I got Bourne Supremacy after droppin off the B man and sliding ALL OVER Grand Haven. Man it was slicker than snot. Then the "crew" showed up for the movie, I taught grant and kyle how to make puppy chow, which ended up in my possession somehow. After that Mafia happened for like 2 hours. LOTS O FUN. It was nice. 2 am came quickly and I went back to pass out at shyles till church this morning. After Watermark I met up with Russ and we grabbed lunch. MORE good convos, advice, and idea trading. I am home now and rediculously exhausted but feelin good. I am officially ALMOST not sick. YAAAAY.

It is 7 degrees outside. very VERY cold.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Feelin Good

Doing very well today. My drugs are amazing. I can breathe. I can actually stop coughing if I need to. Its amazing. Air... AHHHHH. On top of that my energy is back. Dad's feelin great today too. We went to Adrian to his office today so he could milk it to the bosses. It was pretty funny. It was good to see keith again. Not that I see him that often, but atleast I feel like I knew someone. Someone there offered me someones wife's homemade cheesecake. I tried it and smiled holding back throwing it up on the carpet. THAT WAS DISGUSTING. I carried it all the way back to dads office. It was so gross. Lumpy, cheesy, grossness.

In his office I finished the first lemony snicket. A Bad Beginning. It was pretty good. Im gonna pick up the next one when I get the chance.

I get to go to GH tomorrow night. Aunt Carol is comin up here to chill out with dad, mike etc. I hope I get to see her too. She just finished her PHD so I want to call her Dr. Gallagher. She worked hard. Im excited to see people in GH. I dont think they know Ill be there yet but it looks like an xmas ultimate game is in the works. No worries if I feel good I may play but Ill be bundled up. I need to run around a little. Although these stairs in dad's apartment are rediculous. Who needs to work out. Just go upstairs, and back down, and back up and down.

MMMMM... I bought ben and jerry's yesterday. Im going to go enjoy some.

Dad and I just finished Collateral and are about to start IRobot.

I hope I dont fall asleep.


Well first thing's first. Went to the Urgent Care place yesterday. Did a breathing treatment, got chest xrays, got antibiotics, inhaler, and steroids to help the weezing. So far I feel a TON better. Im going to a general doc today for a checkup.. if we end up going to adrian. We'll see.

Dad got me pjs a few weeks ago, and I just got them from him last night. They are sooo cool. They are flannel (bottom, and button shirt top.) and light blue with white dotsw and all over them are little penguins and the word "CHILL'N" how cool!

Got to talk to stephen tonight. Didn't know dad was trying to sleep, he probably heard most of our "discussions" until I left the room. Ahh well. Had some good "serious" talking. It was rather odd.. but very good. I think I'm a fan of you Stephen. I haven't quite decided yet. :P

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Today was a lot of shopping. And it was good. The end.

I bought the first lemony snicket book. I think thats how you spell it. And another book that is in the same GENRE.

I dont have anything else fun to say. Goodnight


Monday, December 13, 2004

I don't need to dream of a White Xmas!

Well I have arrived and Michigan and it is a snowin! I got here sunday after a great weekend in Dallas with Stephen, Bret, Summer and the munchkins. We got to go see Bret sing in the Men's Chorus on Saturday and chill out a little bit. Then I flew back/up here sunday and was greeted by a cheery MetroCar guy who drove me to my Aunts house.

My dad is in pretty rough shape. He had to get major knee surgery and has a leg cast and cant really get around much. Besides that I get my stubbornness from him, and if you think IM stubborn you have no idea! Its been a rough couple of days. Some short words here and there. I feel bad for him. Its hard feeling like you aren't in control. Its hard needing people. But thats what we're here for. I am planning on stayin in AA most of my time here. I would like to see my brother sometime, but that may entail him coming here. Other than that I leave on New Years to see mom! YAY! I have A TON of homework to do for my study abroad class in the next few weeks, and some xmas shopping to do.

Please be praying for my dad, and that I can remain patient and serving for him. I don't want his initial recovery to feel like a war zone. I dont want my last few weeks in US to make me not want to come back.

Miss you Stephen!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Congrats to Ruth!

Holy Crap! Today my roommate from last year, Ruth Kelly, attacked me in our courtyard downstairs and showed me her brand spankin new diamond! She's engaged! That is insane to me. I mean I expected her and jon to get married eventually, even engaged fairly soon, but I just can't believe it! That girl is so fantastic, and jon is a great guy. I just can't believe it! It makes me feel old. She is a year younger than me and already engaged. Its not that I feel like Ive missed the Diamond train or anything, its just crazy. Plus my two friends who are graduating this december are getting married next sunday, and Curtis and Lauren got married this past august! Crazyiness! Its strange to be at that age where every one around me is gettin hitched. Given being at a Christian University where the "MRS" degree is highly prevalent doesn't help. But these arent homemakers to be! These are MY friends! Sane, adult, semi-mature people! Crazyiness.. CRAZINESS!

I am proud to say I am NOT THAT GIRL. Stephen. Im glad you aren't THAT GUY as well. Takes a load off I tell you what.

On a different note: I went to the doctor today for my freight train cough. Looks like a lot of people in our dorm have been gettin allergies cuz of mold problems. She gave me all sorts of drugs and I am hoping they will kick in pretty soon. My cough stuff is makin me kinda loopy.

My dad had his surgery today. He was pretty loopy on the phone. He sounds like he's doing ok although apparently there were some issues earlier on. Prayers are welcome. Love ya pops!

Sorry I had to hang up so quickly tonight mom, it was crazy driver night in Atown. Ill call you tomorrow

We are off to Dallas tomorrow night to hang out with summer, bret, and their munchkins micah and anna grace. Summer's on bedrest cuz of pregnancy complications, but it will be fun to serve HER for once. She's a sweetheart.

I am ready to get out of this dorm.

And lastly: I admit I already miss Stephen.. Sad:(

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Grade Check

For those interested.. mainly my parents, this post is an exclamation over grades!

It was a rough semester. My friends know that, Stephen most definitly knows that. A LOT of hard work, a lot of business, and very little Ultimate.. sad. Atleast we got our tourney in while we could!

So here is the rundown:
World Literature I: I should have an A, I just got my Hindu paper back w/ an A+ which made me jump for joy! My exam went pretty well. I was so tired, and being sick doesn't help.

Intercultural Communications: I will definitly have an A. I had 93 without my extra credit and exam score. SO I am good to go. I got A's on both the papers that were due during "the week of hell" and my presentation went alright.

Missionary Anthropology: This one is borderline. I think I did well on my exam this morning. I was the first one done, which doesn't necessarily mean I did well. The hard part is that we didn't really ever get any grade updates to know how we were doing in the class. So I am hoping for an A but I really have no clue. My reflection paper and Exam will determine it so we'll see.

Western Civilization: I will have a solid B in this class. It was a terribly difficult class. The grades were based on 5 exams that were killer. I have had steady B grades on them. Unless I get a 100% today on my exam I will still have a B. Im ok with that. It was a rough class.

Gymnastics: Ehem.. funnest class. EVER. hehe.. Im glad I took this class. It was challenging, but it was a blast. I hope to take the second part next year. I will have an A. I better anyway!!

Last but not least:
Astronomy: My grade depends on my exam. If I get atleast a 50% on the exam, I will pass the class.. with an A. This class was pretty boring. We learned a few interesting things but overall I wished I was sleeping every MWF at 8 instead of listening to Towell talk. Oh well. One more Gen Ed out of the way.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Because roommate phil rocks my face offf.. I decided he needed his own little post.

Actually he just told me he was mad because he wasnt in my previous post about missing everybody.

Well.. Ill miss you kid, Ill miss the triple Phi/yl combo, and all the other crap we just talked about on aim.

Peace Out!

I miss my mom

Im sick. I have a cough that sounds like Im being run over by a freight train. I can't laugh, I cant breathe, I cant sleep. Sadly, I still retain the mental capacity to study my face off for finals. My comms final went well tonight. I will have an A in the class. I am grateful for the strength and clarity of mind God is granting me this week. Despite possible bronchitis, I can walk, talk and fill in scantrons like nobody's business.

Lately I have been able to hang out with my roommate Erin a lot. I am so grateful for that. We have been hanging out, getting dinner and watching movies (which entails cramming and cuddling around her laptop on her bed since my couch is in storage). Tonight we went to Midnight Breakfast at the bean and listened to horrible Karaoke. One of the guys from my study abroad group sang Hero by Enrique and I was laughing (and honk/coughing) so hard. The food was horrible, the room was loud. But I won a game, and got to see Miss Tracy a smidge. It was fun times. Ryan Kamarovski showed up. Thats always awkward. It cracks me up that he weirded me out so much when he asked me out because he was a 5th yr senior and "old" but when stephen asked it wasn't like that. I was freaked out by stephen, but mostly cuz i wasnt expecting it, not cuz he was older. Well. thats not all true either. The age thing was a little weird, but he could always make me laugh. Which counts for a lot.

Tomorrow is my english final, and most of the day will be spent studying and moving stuff to storage. The week hasn't even started. Yet I feel like its already over.

Be praying for my dad. He has surgery for his knee on wednesday. It makes me nervous.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Learning I'm learning...

This saturday we had our very first class for study abroad. Our Uruguay group went to our teacher's house and enjoyed chili and fellowship. It looks like our group is going to be a blast and the girls are terrific as far as I can see. It was nice to be able to meet them in more comfortable situations, and get to know backgrounds and such. By the time we actually went to class we were comfortable and joking around a lot. Man I love smart people with senses of humor.

Class was alright. It was a lot of concept defining. And I laugh now because I got so frustrated with it. We were talking about Relativism, Stereotypes, Ethnocentrism and Pluralism. Americans (me included) crack me up. I preface this with one comment: All semester i have been taking classes that have been reiterating and illustrating different parts of culture, and examples within them that revolve around these four topics. I have had four months to contemplate, and work out a lot of the issues regarding my own ethnocentrism and really understand relativism and how it interacts in a flexible way with Christianity. Anyway..

The discussion was beginning to shape around moral relativism in the world. (Christianity aside). Comments that confused me were as follows:

"Murder is an absolute, you cant tell me that most people around the world who kill someone dont feel bad, or that others around them think it is wrong"
(meanwhile the terms genocide, infanticide, human sacrifice, and so forth)

This comment specifically confused me. She was trying to prove that morals arent relative with a comment that actually proves they are. I dont think murder is right, within my religious context or out, but there are people out there that depending on the context, it is justified. Anyway.. moving on.

Then my teacher was trying to make an example he said:
"What about this... are equal rights for females relative?" Everyone said NO.. every woman deserves equal rights being their reason.
I said yes, and he looked at me perplexed. I didnt really argue back because there wasnt a point to it.. but I think my yes was justified. I think of Islam and Hinduism.. "equal" rights for them is almost wrong. They see independent women of America as dishonored and unprotected and disrespected by men. This is a rather blanket statement I know, but in my eyes there are cultures where "equal" is relative. I think women in those religions may desire a few more rights, but not the same as men. It is their religion and life and culture to be female and have their place in life. It isn't undeserving, or unworthy, just different.

There were more comment made that had the motive of showing an "understanding" of the issues but in reality their own ethnocentrism showed right through. Whats more ethnocentric than an American judging another culture based on the freedoms of an American system. There is no comparison between America and Africa, or India, or Uruguay. In fact I would say in many ways it would be worse for them to take on "American" ideas.
Its like trying to make Iraq a Democracy. Good Luck.. their minds dont work like that.
AND THAT IS OK. God is the ultimate creator, of culture, relationships, and morals. deal.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I Heart My Roommate

Tonight was a girlie night for Erin and I... the itinerary was as follows:

Walmart Run
Chinese Food
Raising Helen
Dye my Hair
Facial Masks
Foot Scrub stuff.

It was fantastic. She is a great girl. Ill miss her next semester....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sad day...

today was my very last Sigma Pi Phi chapel. there were very few people there, but we got to pray for each other and sing together. Its strange realizing that i wont see most of these people again. Over the past year and a half they have become family down here. God blessed me trememdously when I got here to school last fall. As an itty bitty bee toting freshman I was ecstatic to see a big group of people show up to play ultimate the night I had happened to ask some of the freshman from Welcome week to play. They tried to make me bird call, they freaked out over being a fellow "phyl". I remember feeling so welcome yet strange at being invited to "stev's birthday bash at greyskull". The language (body and verbal) was so strange and yet so inviting. It was like learning a new culture. Over the next weeks and months, this group of friends took me in. I was one of only a few freshman and sophmores.. most were juniors. Through strange circumstances, I got to hang out with brooke, julie and whitney a lot. They became sisters. Brookelynn became a familiar friendly freshman face. EC, Robin and Lauren became a refuge for smiles and fun. I looked up to you girls so much, and still do. Rachael gave the best hugs and smiles, kristen cracked me up. Tracy is and will forever be a sweetheart. Katrina always made me feel special, and welcome to say hello. I loved helping you with the art project, and working with you on the tshirts, I will treasure those times. Melody and Adriane, girls you rock my face off. Each of these women have come into my life and left important foot prints. I wish I had more opportunities to see those that are graduating this year, it is sad that I will miss your last semester. I am sure it will be eventful.

Then there are the boys. Stev, Mark, Bret, Rot, Daniel, Phil, Curdit, you are all men of God whom I cherish having in my life. Each of you have had special impacts on my life as well, and spurred me on to become a better servant for Christ. Keep having fun, and keep loving God.

Thanks to all of you for an awesome few years! Congrats to those graduating! Love to those whose names arent mentioned but you know you are adored!

Give me a hug ASAP if I see you!
Dont forget Finals Ultimate! Same place same time!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shout out to like five people...

Check out Mike's Post and link ...

Mike Cope is our preacher at Highland Church of Christ down here.. he posted a link to an article that is really ... umm great.. I dont know what else to say... read it and let me know what you think?