Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I went to the car dealership today with a load of books ready to plop in some horrible waiting room for the alotted two hours I had before class hoping I could at the very least get a new headlight out of it. I listed all the crap I needed them to check on and asked if I needed to wait to get most of it done since I didn't have a lot of time that day he said. Umm do you need a car? and I was like well yah I have classs. He was like meaning you need another car? Cause your car is still under warranty, a rental is covered. I was like WOAH! sweet dog! So for the next few days I am jammin out in a new malibu until my car is fixed. It actually makes me quite nervous but its better than worrying about not getting my car fixed before Cali! Woot!

I am sitting in the library after Linguistics. I have to study for my french test and start some research for my spanish class before Ahndria gets here to work on our stuff for ESL. Craziness. But I gotta tell you being at a computer with a full screen makes me pumped for my new lappy to get here.. which should arrive in the next few days.


So one week from friday is my 21st birthday.WOOPEE!!!

I am utterly stoked for my birthday for the first time in a long time. Brooke and I are goiing to go to FW Zoo and then go see curious george. Others are invited but I am perfectly excited if not moreso to spend this blessed occasion with my best friend. I enjoyed dinner and a movie with her on hers.. It will be nice to spend mine together with her. She is the best present money could buy and I am so proud of her for becoming such an amazing woman of God with such a great heart. God has blessed me so much these past months with her!! Thanks girl!

So much as I can tell the love interest has fizzled. Not from my end but Im down with honesty from people I trust.. and thus I am satisfied alone with the fact that I do feel ready to date again but am rather glad I have avoided it. or been avoided by it rather.

Speaking of the subject, communication with stephen has slightly resumed. or so the few emails here and there show me. One of the things I want to do this semester is heal that friendship. I understand he and I may never be able to be best friends, but I miss the person that he is and I wish that didnt have to disappear totally.

RM phil and I found a dog today. It was in his yard all cute and scraggly with nasty mattted black hair. It looks like toto but cuter. It is still a wee pup and will not be formally named hathchet as phil and others decided without my presence. Deb is keeping the sweet thing for a while until we decide what to do. My cats didnt like it so much, Z ran for the hills and Ada came to check it out with hair straight up and poofy. She looked like a big grey marshmallow

Tonight at work was frustrating. Rob was breathing down our necks all night long and recorrecting everybody like six thousand times. I understand and the new system he is impementing is working, but I get protective of my staff and frustrated like Im not being allowed to do my job. Hopefully it will improve. The raise was nice at least.

I will have a new compy by the end of the week. Thank God. I am sick of small font and half a screen. Right now half the words are missing so please excuse typos on the far right or left of the screen.

I started my Grad School App for SIT in Brattleboro VT today. I just wanted to see what it felt like. And I really liked it. I decided against the school in Phillie cuz when I read all the bieos these people were like superheros who had conquered the world then decided to go back to school. So right now Im looking at the one in VT. It was the one I found like 2 years ago and almost cried when I found it. It feels like the right fit, and it isn't uber expensive. Plus it is in like a small town area and in the midst of some beautiful countryside. I could use a breather from the town life and moving to a big city didn't sound very pleasing just yet. So we shall see where God leads my path to straighten.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weird Weekend

So this was a weird weird weekend. It went by slowly and quickly. Friday was a flash. Then Sat morning I had Sing Song practice.. Jenna Lucado and the other girls are so sweet.. It has been such a blessing to get to know them.. I went home and caught up on some sleep I needed after a week of being sick. Then Hooked up with Brooke for a walmart run, quick dinner and a dash to JCPenney to pick up lingirie for Rachel.. we found some cute stuff there.. After that we headed to the Shower and pretty much got lost for like 30 minutes or so.. it was scary a nd dark and BFE. For those of you who dont know what that means.. think Boonies, Nowheresville etc. Well we eventually made it and there were like 45 people there.. it was packed. We watched her blush as she opened presents, played a relatively tame game and then I .. twentyfive minutes later.. had to leave for work. I really did! I felt bad for leaving after so quick.. I wanted to atleast be there for like an hour before having to go.. but there were so many people ther I didnt feel too bad. Anyways.. I got to work and EVERYTHING was under control.. they were doin awesome.. it was clean and neat and efficient. It felt good to feel useless!

I headed over to Sarah Easters house for some Gilmore Girls, lost miserably at the trivia game but it has been great to be welcomed into the friendship of these girls. I am to the point where I am about ready to give up my cats to be able to live with Andrea next year. We'll see. God is Good and I trust him. After that we swung by the boys house where they were watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose. We caught the last part of the movie and then I had to sneak back to work to help them close. We got out by 1:30 which was pretty impressive for a Saturday night.

This morning I accidentally slept through church and went to the nursery. I got to see Lindley and Gracie dance like penguins and watch lil jackson make me nervous as he strutted through the room.. weirdest baby gait ever! but so cute! Holland didnt come. Sad.

I did some homework and headed over to the boys house to bring ERRm to Megiddo for the Superbowl party. I brought brett my NY Times to trade for his Econimist. We are big nerds. It was a good NYT though.. Im excited about the new issue of the Economist!! Then off to the Sullivans for dinner and back to Brookes for studying

It is now 11:11. I saw that this morning and last night. My Grandma is saying hello I think. Or God is trying to tell me something. I dont know but I am at peace about it.

Now I am going to go read some of my frighteningly sweet book. Its so sweet and delicate it is like therapy. Goodnight all!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Worthy of the chase I am!

Today was a weird day. I slept through my morning class. Which I hate. I feel so worthless when I skip class. But I am sick and I needed to rest badly. I made it to my one oclock although it wasnt worth going to becuase my head was so foggy I could have worn beer goggles and seen better. Then I went home and did homework. I was proud cuz I didnt go to sleep I actually did my homework. Thats a first. I have been catnapping a lot lately. Its bad.

I went to work tonight and it was weird. My head was still a little screwy so I wasnt efficient at all. Plus I didnt want to touch any of the ice cream and had to wash my hands a thousand times.

I got a promotion last night. Yes another one. I am now the general manager of the store, and second in command. There are a lot of reasons for this promotion but I am soo proud. It is kind of a political thing. Basically so that I can keep an eye on everyone including the other management.. ehem. But its still pretty cool. I am nervous though because I am not higher than a lot of people that are older than me. I was used to that this summer, but its different when its business versus ministry. I still have to change my mindset about that. Losing money is a big deal in a business like this.

God is so good for blessing me with this opportunity and seeing how much he is watching out for me and also lighting the path before me. Everyday the vision becomes clearer.

This weekend is Rachels Lingerie shower. I dont think I can go which stinks. Well sort of. See the thing is I despise lingerie showers. Mostly because it is one of those "advice" sessions and honestly I just dont want to hear it until its my marriage and right before the wedding. Its a personal thing. I struggle with lust a lot and having to hear details and stories and tips about sex for hours isnt my cup of tea. I love you Rachel and you are an amazng girl, many blessings on your wedding but for the sake of my own mental purity I cant go. The main reason is because of this promotion I have to go in and do spot checks at work for like an hour on sat night. But I honestly didnt fight it.. Im sorry.. I am a horrible friend.

So I have a love interest. No names will be revealed but its kinda freakin me out a little bit. I feel like a highschooler. And I never realized how much of a go getter I am as far as dating is concerned. I am so bad at the waiting game. When Im interested I show it and wait for a response. But I am SOOO sick of being the pursuer. I would kill to be pursued. The most attractive thing a guy can do is pursue a girl, pull out all the stops, be open. There is a difference between being one of those overconfident guys who ask you out cuz they KNOW you cant say no. Then there are the guys who go out of their way to say hey, Im interested and I think you might be someone special.. lets find out. SOmeone who does something creative to grab yourr attention cuz they know you might be a catch. I dont know..

All I know is there are a lot of guys who just walked out of my life.. and if they had chased me I might have let them stick around. But its not worth being with someone who doesnt make you feel like your worth the chase.

Girls? Are you with me on this one?