Sunday, December 03, 2006


Got back from ACU Club Ultimate's very first Tournament today. It was an amazing weekend.. a lot of hard work, pain and laughs. We did great for our first tournament and the amount of practice we had had.. We were pleasantly surprised. I am happy to sport pain and bruising.. everyone needs a good scar story right? Well now begins the homestretch for the semester.. It has been a rough one (note I cannot breathe at the moment because our teeny dog flatulated and I swear she is rotting from the inside out.) but Im hoping to pull through.

I need to go crash before I pass out.. I am so sore and Im loving it. Despite the fact that I waddle like a pregnant lady due to the soreness. Girls we ruled out there!

Lots of love out there for everyone.. Pray for my sister, she's back in the hospital for steroid treatment this week and it makes me nervous...