Monday, November 18, 2013

The World of La Leche Leage

I have started the process to become a leader with La Leche League and it has been so interesting! I am kind of at a break in my research right now due to moving so I wanted to post a little bit about why I am involved in it to keep the momentum! Also know that this is a rant, a ramble, and possibly a waste of your time. Or it could be a huge revelation for you and for your impact on your family and the environment. Who knows.

I started attending meetings when Otto was only 4 weeks old. We were having some issues with breastfeeding and I had heard that LLL was a great support group and you could come to as many or as few meetings as you want and glean information. It was information not only from LLL but also experiences from actual moms. I also appreciated that all the LLL Leaders were well versed in actual information end of breastfeeding. It wasn't just a bunch of whiny moms, but moms that had information and help to share.

I continued to go not only for breastfeeding information but also for the relationships built in the groups with other moms interested in things like babywearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering and extended nursing. I am a B+ in all of these areas.. I dabble.. well more than dabble but I'm not quite a guru. I enjoy sharing the ease and eco friendly aspects of breastfeeding and all of the above mentioned areas with others and find that I can use it as a great conversation starter.

If you don't know any reasons why to breastfeed your child.. here are just a few:

The Breastfed baby:
    -is naturally protected from illness and disease due to the immunity receieved through the breast milk
    -  tends to cry less when allowed to nurse on demand
    - is naturally more confident in their person later on as exploration begins.. mom is the "safe zone"
    - has low tendency for allergies and asthma
    -lower rates of SIDS

The Momma:
     - Has a lower chance of breast and other types of cancer than non-breastfeeding mommas
     - Loses baby weight faster and easier
      - Heals from surgery, birth quicker... lower rates of hemorrage

This list goes ON and ON and ON...

Why is it good for the environment?

The thing that drives me crazy is our current PRO FORMULA culture. Now believe me I LOVE EVERY MOMMA OUT THERE. Trust yourself, your baby your situation. If you use formula... I'm glad you are feeding your baby. My only hope is that you are informed.. and you understand not just the "benefits" of breastfeeding but also the "risks of Formula.

The problem with our current culture is our language. Like I stated above we tend to say "Look at the benefits of breastfeeding". Actually breastfeeding is the natural, normal feeding situation. All others are SYNTHETIC. Lets instead look at the RISKS of formula. Formula is ABNORMAL.

Formula is not human milk. Why would you give a cow goats milk? Or a pig cat's milk? Thats insane. So why is it "normal" to make bottles of Cow's milk based formula and put it in a plastic container with a fake nipple and give it to our children? Weird.

Formula is a business. Formula is a BIG business. I'm not going to go bashing. But look at the benefits of breastfeeding above.. and start reading between the lines..

Breastfed babies have a lowered risk of SIDS.. that really means FORMULA FED BABIES HAVE AN INCREASED RISK OF SIDS. It is important to look at the studies from different perspectives to truly understand its meaning.

Breastfeeding is good for you, baby, the environment and your pocketbook. Go Boob Juice.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello Blog World!

I'm Back! I'm not sure for how long exactly but I think it's time.

A brief synopsis since 2011's rant:

I finished out my time at El Paso County Sheriff with good rapport.

I married my amazing husband legally, then spiritually, then ceremonially.

We got a dog.

We moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

My brother in law alex moved in our basement.

We had a baby boy.

We bought a four-plex.

I am in training to be a leader with La Leche League.

We are about to move into one of the units at the four-plex.

I'm getting ankle surgery.

Then the army will move us somewhere/somewhen.

Each of these could be it's own blog post.. but I'll save you that excruciatingly exhausting memoire.

So now you are all caught up.

What to expect from this blog?

Information, personal and educational about parenting, products, breastfeeding, natural living, military life, and christianity.

Should be a fun ride.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I'm a time stealer. I think of that episode from the office when they have to do an HR meeting about ethics and they talk about time theft. I'm bad at it. Luckily I still get all my work done. My new job has been going great but its been such a hard adjustment going from running all day long here and there with lots of different people and stimuli to sitting at my desk writing curriculum with no one to talk to for 8 hours straight. I'm too ADD/multitasker for that. Luckily this part of the job will end soon. Not that I don't love writing curriculum for trainings but I like the actual training part better. Or at least I hope I do haha..

So for those who don't know:
About a month ago I started a new job at the El Paso County Sheriff's Department as a trainer for the Law Enforcement Academy for Region 8 Texas. I will be training in victim sensitivity, psychology and whatnot as it relates to Family Violence and Sexual Assault. Its a pretty fun job and will make a difference in how LE works with victims in the field when conducting investigations. The content is heavy, difficult and emotionally exhausting, but it will be a great way to get training hours in so I can be a professional trainer and have the resume to show for it.

Justin gets home in like 60 days and I can't even really believe it. He should be home the first week of November and it makes me all nervous and smiley to even consider th ethought. Not to mention that we're already legally married which is hilarious and so weird. I haven't seen my husband yet. Look up Marriage by Proxy on Google an dyou'll know what i'm talking about. My facebook picture is sort of a giveaway too.. the guy in the picture is Ryan Visser who is married to the woman taking the picture.. If there was audio you'd hear us giggling saying I do's and Amanda saying "this is so weird, this is so weird". Funny day. It worked out well though. The timing hit perfectly. I had crashed my car and was out a vehicle, starting a new job and not wanting to pay for the health insurance and needed more access to Post for Family Company Meetings (FRG).

So in the last 2 months:
- New Job
- Different Car
- New House
- New "status"-.. aka Wife. Military wife at that.

Its been a whirlwind summer but the end is nigh.

December 19 is the wedding. Plans are coming along. Invitations are in the mail for the most part and Justin will be coming home soon.

I love you all and thank you for all the support over this past year. Phew!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I really don't have a better title than that. Today was a pretty eventless day. I'm recuperating from an awful flu that hit me saturday. Apparently the lot of us who went to Peter Piper Pizza on Wednesday Night caught something because about 9 of us that went ended up with relentless stomach flu (I'll spare the details), fever, chills, dizziness etc. I came home from work early and was racked up in bed all weekend. To top it off I'm still tired and starting to get a sore throat which I am attributing to our newly operational swamp cooler. Same thing happened to Justin and I in this house when he turned it on for the first time last year. Bummer.

The good news. I get my tax check back Tuesday! Which means I get to start my allergy shots, pay off some bills, credit card and have some money to save in the bank towards wedding stuff. So far the plans are working out well and I am excited to move forward again. I am sort of taking a wee break from plans right now. My sister is dealing with the calling off of her wedding and its pretty hard to be planning mine when I know she is struggling and in pain. I love you sister! I am sorry it got called off.. I'm glad you didn't marry what turned out to be a loser. Many prayers.

The one thing I'm worrying about is the budget right now. I need to have a real conversation with my dad about it but it has been such a struggle for us. Its hard to have serious convos when we both have such stubborn heads and differing opinions. I have treated him pretty badly about it, not intentionally but in hindsight I should have been more sensitive. I plan to rectify this when I call him this week. I wish I could fly out to see him and the Mrs. so we could sit down and work together on it. Maybe I'll suggest it.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The chaos of wedding planning continues but the good news is we found a venue.. pause.. so before I begin I would like to say that although I do not blog often I refuse to force you to listen to me vent about the chaos of wedding planning through my eyes unless you choose to do so of your own free will. Thus I am starting a blog.. more like a memory book but I am too lazy to scrapbook. I'm gonna post stuff as it comes along. I was never a wedding planner as a young girl so this whole process is utter chaos and confusion to me. I had seen a blog by a girl who posted EVERY FRIGHTENING DETAIL OF HER WEDDING PLANNING EXPERIENCE. And I was scared .. but also intrigued and sort of thinking it might be a cool thing to look back on. Thus begins a new blog.. Eventually we'll post wedding pics and such there too.. for now I plan to vent and think and plan and explode about cool things I find. Hurrah!

EDIT: I gave up already. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and I don't have time to stress, plan AND blog about my wedding. I will spend that sacred time sleeping, or god forbid working :)

Nonrelated wedding info:
Next week a group from SMU is coming to STAY AT TLC to do volunteer work during the day. Which means two things: Spring break for the kids will be filled with strangers to play with.. and I will be on call 24/7 for the week because I'm volunteer coordinator. Can't I just stay at TLC too? That would be cool.

My mom is dating again. Mom I love you and I'm sure he's a nice guy. I'd like to meet him. I'm praying for him and for you that he's as great as he seems. I'm glad you are happy but don't go crazy head. Take your time. Enjoy it. And slow down on the shots will ya? :P

Can I just take a moment to say that I am so happy for my sister right now? I love my big sister and we've become so close in the past few years. I can't go a few days without hearing from her or I totally worry. I was freaked out when I was in Ohio and never had a chance to give her updates. I never had a moment to call anyone and "spill". I'm so happy for her that she's found true love and is getting married in September. It's such a blast planning our weddings at the same time and being happy for each other. We get to share ideas, and freak out about arguments and stupid stuff. She's also a Lash Stylist now which is crazy cool. Don't be surprised at my wedding if I look outrageously fabulous!!

Off to work now. Parenting Class starts soon and I need to go start hounding and herding :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crazy things are happening.

Welcome to March.
Today is my birthday.
I am engaged.

Why do I feel kinda sad today? Weepy even.

Overall life is incredibly great right now. We have a third roommate who is moved "in".. aka paid rent and moved in her furniture. TBD when she starts sleeping at the house. She's hilarious and fun, super outgoing and exciting. My Becky is still an incredible girl who I admire in so many ways. We enjoy our time together and she listens to me ramble when I stress out. She's good at it, I try not to take advantage of it.

Some days my job is great, others I want to just walk out the door and never come back. Today is actually an ok work day. I spent my morning encouraging one of our participants that she really has done some great things she can be proud of. Her husband was a very violent abuser and she slips things into her conversations like... well I still have issues with my teeth since my husband kicked me in the face with his workboot... Rough. Rouuuuugh. I got nothing to complain about.

My cats are great. They give me so much joy. They make it really difficult to get to work on time. I wake up to them all snuggled around me and they are so sweet and affectionate. Makes me happy to feel loved and cared for even if they are just cats.

I'm also engaged. Which is awesome. Justin is such an incredible guy and he has stolen my heart for sure. He's stable and strong, proud and sweet, talented, wise, and lots of fun. We have lots of adventures ahead of us.. the first being getting through this current deployment and executing a huge wedding. That part so far is stressing me out a bit. Next post will have details.

Today I am working and enjoying tedious tasks. I am enjoying birthday wishes from friends and family, and talking with people from venues. Still my heart is sad today. I miss justin a lot. I feel just a little lonely here in el paso even though I am surrounded by people who love me. People at work, my roommates, friends from church. Everywhere. Still I'm sad today. 8 months is not going by fast enough.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good things abound.

I'm so glad God works all things for those who love him. And I do. And He does.

So on the lighter brighter side of the world:
I went to this training this week to be a racial justice facilitator for the ywca here in El Paso. It was a great and humbling experience. It also reminded me once again that I love my education and what I have learned to do. This training was humbling because it was basically the skin and bones of my degree in three days. I loved hearing how they taught facilitation and issues of social justice to people who would then turn around and start teaching it. I am excited to cofacilitate and learn with other educators how to work the minds of young adults and stretch them to see the harsh reality of the world and more importantly the hope found in working for change. It is amazing that I have been placed in the ONE organization in town who does the work I love for FREE without even knowing it. Which means while I live here I can get hours and hours of training experience without having to do it as a "profession" yet then move to another town and have this amazing portfolio of experience. All while still keeping my job at the shelter and loving the relationships I have here.

On another great note I get to see Justin in a few weeks. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. His deployment made a pretty big shift in our relationship for the better and I am so excited to hug him and tell him I'm proud of him.

On ANOTHER great note.. my diploma is in the post office waiting for when my work schedule allows me to pick it up.

On another good note but.. well brace yourselves. We found another roommate candidate.. but once again.. no phone calls no email. I AM FAITHFUL GOD WILL PROVIDE US A ROOMMATE TODAY AND HER NAME WILL BE DENICE AND SHE WILL BE TINY AND WONDERFUL. Mostly becauas I know God answers prayers and she is cool girl. I just hope she didn't disappear into the abyss like the last one. Makes me fearful to call someone else. Will they too disappear? And to where exactly?