Thursday, April 28, 2005

Finished finished finished!

Just finished my paper and all of the homework I still had to turn in.. Now all I have to do is go to the Catholic University and turn in the paper. Woot! We leave tonight for the Termas.. which is like a ton of pools and waterparks that use the water from the hot springs.. its exciting.. Ill be back sunday morning ready to start packing and relax! I can't believe it is almost time to go home! I am actually kind of nervous to go home which is strange. I am excited to see stephen and such, but I am not looking forward to entering the real world again. I know I will start ordering food in spanish, or answering questions in spanish or the like.. It should be interesting.. I am in the process of making a Compilation CD of pictures from everybody and it is kind of depressing.. we have an amazing group of people here, I will miss everybody so much. It has been an awesome experience and place to spend four months of my life...

On another note.. I have a Spanish interview on Monday for Youthworks. I got an email a few days ago from Leah (YW) asking when I would be home so I can do the interview. I don't get home until the day they send out final placements so they are pulling some strings and calling me all the way in Uruguay to do it. That is insane to me. Five days before final placements are sent out they are interviewing me for the possiblity to work in either Juarez or Tijuana. Thats insane. Oh well.. It is in God's hands and whether I get to work in MX or not Itll be an amazing summer. I was already assuming I wasn't going to be able to. We shall see.. it would be so awesome! and a great way to keep my spanish up. That would be a real test too!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Avid Mate (mah tay) Drinker..

I am officially Uruguaya... Dont know what Mate is? Check it out.. awesome.. you can try some when I come home.. its so good... the only tea I have ever considered enjoying... yummmm...

Merienda Fun!

The past few days have been really awesome.. Thursday night a bunch of us went out to a restaunt called the spaghetteria 23 that had amazing Italian food and awesome service. Despite leaving my purse there (of which I retrieved today) it was great and then we all went home and watched Gladiator.. Great movie.. A nice lil chill night. Then last night ... Friday... we all went to a hill down by the beach that has an amazing view and had a merienda.. aka mate, snacks and such. We sang some songs, played funny games like the HA HA game and then went over to a little lake and rolled down hills.. it was great.. We came home to the guys setting up the projector in the foyer to watch Man on Fire on the CEILING. it was so weird but cool. We layed out mattresses with blankets and pillows and all layed down and watched. Half the people fell asleep at some point but we ddnt start watching it til like 1am so it was warranted..

Today has been a day of homework. I am trying to get my Pensamiento paper started. Ive already had to change my topic, of which im not even sure I can do.. I had to email my teacher to find out if it is ok. I hope it is cuz I have already been researching it.. anyways.. Im pretty pumped for the next week to be over. Cuz its exam week so when it is over I am so almost home! We have some small travel plans but other than that its all relaxing, and packing!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Levelling out

Is that spelled right? Levelling? oh well.. it looks like a cool word. The point is things are going better this week. Getting homework done. Studying hard. We went to the beach and played frisbee some yesterday. I feel sore and its great. We had a scavenger hunt around town for our Art class today. We went around town to go find buildings of certain architectural designs. It was fun. I was with Jeremy and Quaid. We wouldve won.. maybe.. if we hadn't taken that slow bus.. but then again spending more money on a cab for the sake of the victory (of which no prize was given) wouldnt have been worth it.

Oh yah. I woke up this morning went to the bathroom and Haley was like uhh.. go back to the room and look in my bed. I did. Daniel slept in her bed last night. She slept in his. He wanted to hear this so called "phyllis talking crazy in her sleep" for himself. It was a very strange morning. Im a little off. It was really funny though.. Samanta wants to sleep in here tonight. I feel like a freak show. It doesn't feel too great. But atleast my life has purpose. hmm...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Projects Galore...

We got back grades on our first big project of the semester.. It was a presentation on MERCOSUR.. not an interesting topic at first, but you add in some jeopardy and you got some flare.. we put a LOT of work into it, and I was proud of the powerpoints I made for it.. we had a great group who worked hard to get it all together.. We got a 100%. Crazy what hard work'll get ya. I have my second big group project this afternoon.. I still have a lot to research and get prepared but it should be interesting. The project is on New Age and how it relates to Christianity and Culture. I went to a Santeria shop yesterday with Cristina and bought a deck of Tarot Cards. Haven't seen any in about 7 years or so.. kinda nostalgiac for me. It was funny to walk through the store and go we had that book, we had those candles, that insence, those oils are good for this ailment, Runes! It was funny. Cristina was a little bewildered by it all. I am so grateful for all the epics of experiences I have had. It is amazing how much I more I appreciate the faith I have come to claim in my life. Being able to see it in relative to other things and faiths I myself have been a part of. It really helps you see why you believe what you believe. My faith has a foundation I have never experienced before. There is Truth there, not just ideas swirling around... Anyway.. I am allowed an opportunity to share a little bit of these ideas today.. I hope we can do a good job of representing New Age Spirituality well and what Christians should consider when thinking about it. Its another easily generalized religion lumped in with wicca and satanism. It is very much different from those although its histories can be traced to both and other neo pagan religions. If you want info... email me.. ask me.. whatever.

What it all comes down to is that God is my shelter, bedrock, salvation. Thats all. And I am glad.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Estancia Fun!

Yesterday was a blast! We went to the Estancia Arteaga for a day and it was so fun! We had a total of about 5 hours of riding, bfast, asado for lunch, mirienda,dancing, music, and we got to play with a wild tarantula! Craziness! Today Haley and I were planning on a day long beach relaxation.. but we went for an hour and it started sprinkling.. so now I am condemned to homework.. yuck.. oh well..

Topic of conversation on the two hour van rides yesterday:

- corny ways we have been "asked out" in high school, middle school etc,
- prom invitations/assumtions/activities
- dumb breakups.... mostly "worst" stories
- he said- she said middle school conversations
- embarrassing moments

its amazing the things that can define you, change you, loosen you up a bit... As much as I don't miss all the drama of high school.. I appreciate how much I learned from it. I think I came out ahead... I don't feel tarnished by a crappy high school experience, despite painful days, weeks, months.. and uncomfortable situations. Bad decisions ended up opening my eyes to so much of the world, and so much of who I was and want to be.

It always reminds me of how lucky I am to have been able to go through the experiences I have. I am not jealous of the rich, or the families who "grew up in church" or anybody who has never "lost" anyone. I am not jealous of people who haven't experienced anything traumatizing or painful. I feel bad for what they have missed out on. I am not trashing those groups of people. I know many in each category who are wiser than I could ever hope to be.

Brooke for example is someone I have so much respect for. She has had great life, but lived it... and she is wiser for it. She has her head on straight and it didn't have to get knocked around to get there... You are a blessed girl and Im proud to be your friend.

Then there are the people whom I have sympathy for. Daniel was one. Ive talked to him about it before. He has had a relatively easy life and knows it. Christian family, happy home, normal siblings, good highschool, good friends, never really had to persevere through much. (Daniel you know Im not doggin ya. youre a great guy, we've had this convo before:P) Yet with the amount of blessings he has he missed a lot as well. I remember him saying he felt like he was never pushed into finding himself cuz he just never had anything to face. That sucks. Im not saying I hope people die around him, or whatever.. but I hope that he will have to face obstacles soo that God can open his eyes to who he is.. for his sake. Not saying he's a big fat jerk and I wish he would see that. Not saying that! I do mean that he deserves to be able to struggle with God a little, not against, but beside God. The "pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."(James 1:2-4). Man I love that verse. I feel like it represents a lot of me. My hope is that I can be come complete through trials. That in every trial I can see which part of me is being molded, or atleast trust that it is happening whether I see it or not. It makes the rough times bearable, and it makes this world a lot easier to live it.

Anyway.. That is my thought train of the day. I seem to be thinking about this a lot. Throughout life this verse and verses like it come back to me. I wonder why :P

Love to all

Friday, April 08, 2005

Planners... yay

Wow.. this weekend should zoom... Today we have lunch..yum..then all are planning on doing a walking tour to the Prado to see the Museo de Bellas Artes, the Botanical Gardens and go to an upscale tea house.. apparently. Then we are all gonna come back and later tonight we are going to a lounge/club thing... it is supposed to be really cool. Nice and chill but a lot of fun and an awesome view of the river/ocean thing. Next week I have two big projects due and a lot of little homework stuff. Yuck. We only have two weeks of classes left.. thts insane. Ill have another project due the following week, and next weekend is our 'survival' weekend.. yuck. Im not looking forward to that at all.. but oh well.. Ill take it for what it is.. Last night after dinner and a couple episodes of seinfeld with Lucas, we watched Wimbledon... Man.. I love that movie... I was the only girl in the room that thought the guy was beautiful. They were all like "too skinny" "too old" "receding hairline" "weird looking"... I was like blond,blue eyes, athletic, tall, and just beautiful.. I couldn't believe it!! Maybe Im just weird... I dont know... but hey I think I have great taste.. and if not.. oh well.. I still like it! hahah... 28 days..... (Insert stephen blush here)

Monday, April 04, 2005

WOW Congrats to Phil and Jenna..

Doo Doo Doo.. another one bites the dust!

So Phil and Jenna are engaged. WOW. Being gone that one was a total surprise. Congrats kids!

So this weekend has been pretty nice. All day Friday and Saturday constituted of me relaxing, shopping or sitting. Very nice. I am just an exhausted person. In general. Overall things are going well here though. I have been a good girl and have been pretty industrious getting projects worked on and getting details hammered out for Youthworks although I STILL DONT KNOW WHERE I WILL BE THIS SUMMER. No frustration there though.. The longest drive is 19 hours.. I can hack that with a pit stop in Nashville or Mommas house in KC.

Ive been trying to put together some of my Powerpoint for my scholarship follow up project. I realized that that will be due in like november, but that it isn't just due, I have to present it by then. Which means it needs to be prepared by school starting in August. Yah thats a lot of time, but it kind of isn't when you take away May through school starting cuz of Youthworks and moving into the apartment Ill be getting.. when I ever get it, if I find it .. which I will.

Not that he'll read this, but it is Thomas, stephens brothers, birthday today. I assume he is 17. I think that is right. Not sure. Thats awesome. Makes me feel old. Bet stephen feels REALLY old. haha. Anyway.. Hes a crazy fun kid whom I am proud to know!!! Plus he has great taste! Woot! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Tuesday. I swear yesterday was thursday and I was excited for the weekend. This weekend went by like lightning. This week is gonna be busy too. We go to the Estancia this weekend too.. that means a ranch, so we'll be riding horses and seeing a show and such. I'm super pumped for that. should be fun. Ill be home a month from Wednesday. That sounds like a lot. And then you say Ill be home four weeks from Friday. That sounds like nothing.

I found out we are having exams the week BEFORE we leave. Which means I technically only have two weeks of classes, exam week, and fun week. Thats NOTHING. Craziness.

As you can tell I am rather pumped to come home. Its great here and all. But Im restless. This has been one of the most amazing experiences, and it continues to be a blast day by day.. but when the day comes to get on that plane, fly home, see stephen and sleep on somebody's couch, I will be smiling. A lot.

Goodnight to all. Sleep tight.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Its April.. Wow

Umm... not really sure what to think today. Its April Fool's Day. I hate April Fool's Day. Im so weird about pranks. I used to be soooo up for them. But this year I have purposely decided to be party pooper Phyllis and stay out, WAY out of the prankage. I put threats on lives last night as we locked our door (and window) in order to keep at bay the possibily of property prankage. So far I have come out unharmed. I am such a weirdo.

Today is a weird day.. not doing so well on the feeling well scale. Again I praise God I am female, but wish I could deck Eve for makin life so freakin difficult for the chicks! I mean really.. millions, and billions and billions of women around the world probably want to twack her ear for every emotional rollercoaster, every irrational thought, every cramp, every pair of jeans that didnt fit once a month, and every child they had to endure birthing. (Can I get an Amen Ladies? and those males that also had to endure) End.

So back to april...
that means that basically next week we have a trip to an estancia
the week after is our survival weekend at our peoples houses
and then there are two weekends free... to sit. doubtful.
Then I come home... Thursday the fifth we fly out and get to Dallas on the morning of the 6th..

So I will be in America on my sisters birthday! Surprise!! hehehe...
Crazy, five weeks from today. I have a lot of gifts to buy. Yikes.

I love you and miss you all..