Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Vegetable Day

Today was pretty chill...

Did homework, took naps, got hamburguesas with buds, watched about a boy on tv, a little Joey, and some One Tree Hill to chill. Later we are apparently dying easter eggs although Im kind of thinking about just crashing way early tonight to catch up on needed sleep. Who knows...

I did my presentation on the stuff earlier posted today in class. I think it turned out pretty dumb. I just dont stop talking, and it is boring to the world except for me... so anyway apparently dualism isn't the most interesting topic to most people. I liked reading it, its stuff Ive never thought in those ways before.

Got to talk to stephen the other day for a REALLY long time. That was so nice. I miss that kid. I miss people who understand my humor and I can just totally be myself with. I love everybody here but I can't really be me here. Noone gets me, and its hard to show to them cuz we are all so different.

On a different note I am on a mission to carve out time for God now. I have started a prayer list that has different things for different days. Like different people, ministries, even areas of the world. I am going to try to pay attention to it as much as possible but I dont expect perfection.

I am officially impatient about Youthworks, I still dont know where I am goign to be this summer. I am trusting that I will find out soon enought to figure out how to get there but it may be a freaking long road trip. Oh well God is good, and I am trusting Him ith this summer completely.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter and whatnot...

Today has been a weird day thus far. Had some strange dreams involving flying, and other strange things. Lunch was good as usual. I missed Raquel. Im just in a funk I think. Im so not up for doing homework tonight.. YUCKY...

Last nights UK vs. MSU game was AMAZING!!! I couldn't believe it! I was up in the TV room with Andy and Alex (both of whom were UK fans). Craziness! That crazy three point shot into overtime, then MSU kickin in Double OT for the win! Man! I was very happy. Jumping screaming, trash talking the works. hahahah... Ive only become a basketball fan since last summer, but I have missed watching anything other than socer. Which I haven't watched much of either. We did watch the Chile/Uruguay game sat. night which was awesome. The restaurants all have big screens on for big games and they get PACKED. The game didn't start till midnight and everyone was crazy until it ended at like 2! We go to a Uruguay game on Wednesday in Montevideo... Should be nuts!! Im pumped for that! If anyone has any times for the final four games this weekend let me know! Im out of the loop....

Ended up talking to stephen for a really long time yesterday on the phone.. man this Skype thing is crazy cheap.. we only spent like 3 euros on the plethora of calls yesterday! Insane.. that wouldve been like a 200 buck phone call...

Christ vs. Culture

So for my Christianity and Culture class we are reading a book that explains different views on the subject of Christianity and/or/both/with culture. The chapter I have to present is on what they call a dualistic approach (not the same as Dualism, just a term they are using for this idea). Some of it is ringing within me and makes me smile that I would get this chapter rather than ones on gnostics, synthesists or others. God is continually showing me more of what I believe in concrete ways, putting words to feelings, etc. Here are some things I have read:

" The conflict is between God and man, or better, between God and us: the issue lies between the righteousness of God and the righteousness of self. "

On Culture:
"He knows that he belongs to that culture and cannot get out of it, that God indeed sustans him in it and by it; for if God in His grace did not sustain the world in its sin it would not exist for a moment"
Pauls ideas: " As far as this world was concerned it was their task to work out their salvation, and their gift to live in the spirit of Christ in whatever community or station in life they had been apprehended by the Lord."

As Christians in Culture:
"As Christians we want to be the forgivers of sins, the lovers of men, new incarnations of Christ, saviors rather than saved; secure in our own possession of the true religion, rather than dependent on a Lord who possesses us, chooses us, forgives us. If we do not try to have God under our control, then at least we try to gve ourselves the assurance that we are on His side facing the rest of the world; not with the world facing Him in infinite dependence, with no security save Him."

"He is standing on the side of man in the encounter with God, yet seeks to interpret the Word of God which he has heard coming from the other side. In this tension he must speak of revelation and reason, of law and grace, of the Creator and Redeemer. Not only his speech is paradoxical under these circumstances, but his conduct also.

He is under law, and yet not under law but grace; he is sinner, and yet righteous; he believes, as a doubter; he has assurance of salvation, yet walks along the knife-edge of insecurity. In Christ all things have become new, and yet everything remains as it was from the beginning. God has revealed Himself in Christ, but hidden Himself in His revelation; the believer knows the One in whom he as believed, yet walks by faith not sight."

I don't know.. this is a lot and kind of all out of context for y'all, but they were just some ideas that stuck out to me... I think the tension the author speaks about is real and needed for Christians to appreciate the gift of Grace they have been given, but also the sturdy Rock they stand on. We need to be confident that we are dependent on someone else, but confident that that that someone else is completely and utterly faithful in return. Our faith is only a reflection of His unending faithfulness.

This is really the only part of the book I have enjoyed, although some of the other viewpoints are kind of interesting. If you want to read it:
Christ and Culture by H. Richard Niebuhr.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Bob Mersereau.. always a light.

I just got an email from a youth group leader back home saying that one of my favorite people is in the hospital and isnt going to make it. His name is Bob Mersereau, he is an amazing old man, husband to an amazing woman, and a pillar of faith in my life. When I was in highschool he came with us to Mexico. They were like 70 or something and were amazing. He has always remembered my name and given the best advice and the best hugs. He let us use his cottage for youth group so he could be around us, pray for us and serve us. Despite the fact that I hate to hear he isnt going to make it. I praise God that he is the man that he is. He deserves to rest from his life of service. I hope he knows we are proud of him and are impatient to see him again. Thank God for amazing people like Bob and his family. I hope someday I can be as proud of my life and service as he is. I hope someday people are happy for me to go rest too... God be with that family, continue to encourage them and others with their faith....

Bariloche SBO5

So here we are in bariloche. Been here since saturday night and have had a blast. we leave tomorrow... im sad to miss the relaxin and the cool people but pumped for an empty house and banana splits..

so far we have done some tours, "fishing", death by rafting, and some horseback riding. Plus hittin up the popular pub and meeting some awesome people.. shopping galore and relaxing ALOT. Its amazingly beautiful here and nice and cold.. mmmmmm..... no snow though..

I will post more tomorrow when we get back but know that I am alive and will return tomorrow. Parentals and Stephen feel free to call or email to be called on sunday.. we may go to the beach in the afternoon but night will be open untill late most likely.. LOTS O HOMEWORK

Love yall!

Friday, March 18, 2005

St Paddy's Day fun!

We all went to Ciudad Vieja last night and had a lot of fun! Went out dancing after and me some cool people... all in all it was pretty nuts. There were soooo many English speakers out cuz of the holiday party at the Irish Pub.. The Uruguayans thought it was some sort of birthday party. Nobody knew what St. Patricks day was, and it was hard to explain to them.. needless to say it was fun...

We leave tomorrow morning for Bariloche, Argentina. It is our spring break trip. I am sooo excited to go. There is a lot to do and it will be nice and cool while we are there. We get back next saturday so don't expect much email or blog action until then. I will post pics when I get back...

I got my hair cut. Its ok.. I like the color more than the cut but its cool.. It looks a lot like it did like a month ago.. but a little more textured.. Uruguayans cut their hair weird. Atleast its cheap.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So today was spent attempting to nap in my room, whilst my roommate attempted the same, much to our dismay this said nap did not occur due to constant nostalgic(sp?) longings that were swirling uncontrollably through our minds....

Hence lists:
I miss:
Taco Bell... oh double decker supreme no tomatoes and a mountain dew with REFILLS
Walmart.. anything, everything
McDonalds.. though they are here, they dont understand me!!
Quiet, alone time, being alone, being lonely,
My cats, my mom, stephen, brooke, RM, Jules, Whit, Stev, Erin, dad, stephen's roommates.
My cochita... driving, leaving ON TIME.. arriving ON TIME.. my CD's
Ultimate...mmmmm.. physical activity in general seems to have ceased.
English libraries, magazines, tv, radio

I cant wait to:
see people when I get back..
get my apartment when I get back in august
buy a coffee maker... I feel so domestic
have my cats in my apartment (SOOO PUMPED)
Live next to Brooke and Michelle (if Im so lucky:P)
chill out with stephen, go to abuelos, see bret and summer etc.
leave for youthworks and have an amazing summer
be active.. at anything.. I want to play volleyball more next sem! or tennis!
sleep in my OWN ROOM

Im too lazy to think of anymore...

Our friends from Mendoza are in town tonight. we're gonna hang out with them after our last tango class tonight.. sad.. oh well we're going dancing again this weekend before spring break stuff! WOOT WOOT!

not looking forward to:
19 hours next semester
not talking to stephen whilst he is in Sudan/Uganda/Europe(arg :P)
driving across town to classes
taking Adv. Spanish Grammar YUCKY YUCKY
no dulce de leche, crappy steaks and less dancing
flat texas compared to amazing SA
not seeing my parents until... whenever.
RM deciding not to come to ACU next semester
coming back to half my friends graduated or "married off"

Monday, March 14, 2005

Poor kid..

I just got off a creaky internet phone with stephen... well this was last night, but still.. that poor kid was sick as a dog, and sounding pitiful. He has a midterm today too! These are the times it makes it difficult to be away! If I was home I wouldve been at his house last night whether he liked it or not... sprite, crackers and lots and lots of sympathy. I also probably woulve shown up at his house with something insane today.. like a new squirtgun for him, or cowboy gear.. you know all those fun things the dollar store has to offer. I have always wanted to get and keep for more than five minutes a princess crown.. that or a cowboy holster... maybe some handcuffs to add some FLAVA. Nonetheless.. i did not purchase these items, there was no sprite and crackering... Sorry honey... feel better.. I miss you.. I love you dearly!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Schedule for next semester... looks.. fun.

So I figured out my schedule for next semester.. sadly.

Monday(MWF) Tuesday Thursday
8am 8am Adv. Spanish Grammar
9am French I 930 Mexico: Growth and Culture
10am Nutrition
11am Chapel 11am Chapel
2pm German
3pm Gymnastics(MWonly)
630 International Relations(M only)

What does all that mean? 19 hours, classes in 4 different languages including english.

BUT! I have Tues, Thurs, Friday afternoons totally free after lunch. Which is INCREDIBLY exciting. I have almost an identical schedule to last semester. I almost attempted to have tuesday thursdays free, but upon reconsidering I realized if I plan to live across town there IS NO WAY i will want to go to chapel on TR's.... so here it is. Im excited. RM is taking tumbling with me... and the language classes will be fun. I might even let stephen audit french since there is only one section (much to my dismay :P). Who knows.. maybe a little competition will be good for me... Id love to beat the "grad student" and wouldnt feel too bad if he did better.. he does have his bachelors after all.. either way despite, uncomfort.. it would be win win for me.

We found out today that the Roanes are no longer going to be doing study abroad Montevideo after this semester. Which means the program might "die unless we can do something about it. That makes me sad. We are having a meeting tonight for ideas. I hope we can do something. Besides I have to do a project anyway for my Gilman Scholarship.. if theres no program.. what can I promote?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Feeling Techno Savvy

So I added a banner on my site, and for short that means I feel so cool that I know how to do that! Woot! anyway.. its for Skype.com. Its this program you download and if other people are on it too (and have microphones) you can chat and talk free like phone calls. Plus even if they dont they have SUPER low international call rates worth using. i spent the past hour calling family from UY for less than 2 or 3 bucks... thats HUGE.... so check it out.. I recommend it. My prof here in UY told me about it and uses it for work/business stuff. and family too.. hehe...


So fun

So last night we all went out to some tango clubs... oh my goodness so much fun. We met a group of people.. and danced with them a lot. It is so much fun to learn from them! The guys we danced with were tango teachers too and so they were so nice and i learned more last night than all 4 of our classes. I learned the milongue too! I am incredibly sore today though, butt hips, arm calves,, EVERYTHING.. dancing is rough man! Im pumped to go again sometime!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Motorcycle Diaries

Yes ... this movie is REALLY GOOD.. the group watched it last night. Good message, good content... it was neat to see places we've been in the movie too! And places we'll go!

Today we went to the beach.. ahhhh it felt so good. Did some tumbling, a lil vball, a lil swimmin... good stuff...apparently we are going out dancing tonight, tango then the normal club... Im hungry and off to get some comida....

Tomorrow is dia del pelo for me.. im getting a haircut.. woot woot! Not sure what Im gonna do.. Im so tempted to chop it all off again, but I miss my long hair too.. hmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, March 10, 2005

CasaPueblo in Punta del Este ... yah thats right.. i took that picture..  Posted by Hello

Me and my horsy Clarita... in the Andes.. in Mendoza Argentina...  Posted by Hello

Best Birthday cake ever!!!  Posted by Hello

Hot Phyllis and Haley... yes... those ar heels, a skirt and even makeup... RARE Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Drama ensues at CasaACU.

God we all need a little patience, a little humor, a touch of maturity and some time to breathe.

I love everybody here, I am sad drama is occuring. I guess it will blow over. We have made it this far with nothing too big happening. Oh well. Thats life with 12 college kids in one house. We haven't quite made Real World status yet. Not even close. Thats a relief.

Interesting possibilities

So I was thinking today about the trip we made last week, and the cool people we met in the hostels.

What an amazing ministry you could make of hostels. Most people that go there are from all over the world and are basically looking for their purpose, their desires. Many people are "escaping" from purposeless lives in order to be "free" from the world. I think God has opened my eyes to an amazing opportunity here. I don't know if it is something feasible.. but it is a different way to look at travelling. I wonder if there are any people in the world looking for a relaxed internship or mission field that is incredibly flexible and fun. Just hop a plane to whereever and start ministering. Just go anywhere, find a hostel and start meeting people.. start making friends, developing relationships, groups, getting contact info, and spending time with people that are searching for inspiration in other people, nature, anything. What an amazing thing it would be to go trekking for a few days in Gods beautiful creation and have the opportunity to share your purpose and your desires with people who need it. Hmmmm...

Something to think about. Something to offer up for discussion. Something to offer up to God in prayer.

On another note. I am sick today. I think my allergies are attacking because its rainy and crappy. This is the first time I have been sick sick in awhile. Sad. oh well.. im off to stuff!

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Hey y'all, I have returned from Mendoza with Alex. I just got off the phone with Padre and things are going well. It feels amazing to have a quiet house.. So the weekend went:

We got on our Buquebus and Bus to Mend. fine. I met a girl on our bus that was from South Lyon Michigan.. she knows russ somehow but doesnt know how.. very strange... very very strange. We met A LOT of michiganders and Californians... We also met a bunch of norwegians and belgiums that were awesome people. Our hostel was nice, had lots of winetasting and a pool. It also had a lot of ants, but only in MY BAG. SIck. My legs are now spotted with fire ant pussy bites that itch and make my legs swell. oh well.. theyll go away eventually. Thursday we went to the Parque General de San Martin and got to just chill walking, relaxing, in the beauty of mountains, lakes and TREES MMMMM.... We went out to dinner and got Birthday ice cream and tried some amazing wine.. Mendoza is famous for their wines and was in the midst of the Vendiminia.. or wine festival. CRAZY. Friday was awesome.. we went on a day long excursion by horseback into the andes mountains. BEAUTIFUl. Pics will be posted ASAP... Our guide Cecilia was a sweet funny lady and ALL GAUCHO..(cowgirl). The guy that owned the estancia (ranch) was named Cata and wore a blue beret and cooked AMAZING asado! and this vegetable thing that had steamed carrots, zuchini, onion, potato, pumpkin, eggplant, and oregano.. oh MAN it was good. then that night we went out to the winetasting/ tango party at the hostel, met a tn of norwegans and belgiums and then went out with them to the pubs. It was a lot of fun. No I did NOT get wasted. I did however take a sip of this drink from Chile that was soooo sweet and sour. Saturday we accidentally wasted three hours on a bus with an angry driver trying to go to a vineyard to no avail. Blasted bad directions and unhelpful people. It was an adventure nonetheless. We bought some wine to take home to people, I bought a few awesome handcrafted necklaces... a good day altogether.. a great weekend. Now we are back home chillin. I am tired a little. I am hungry and craving hamburguesas.. mmmmmmmm...... k Im gonna go get some money and some food... PEACE

Oh yah.. and Im 20 now. Yikes

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Try Again

So I have been attempting to posty pics of the Presidential Inauguration and a post about it but it hasnt been working.. so I will attempt when I return from Argentina. but for now...

We leave in about 5 minutes for Mendoza Argentina. Our tickets were finalized yesterday, our hostel was reserved about an hour ago. Other than the rushing its all coming together and I am totally pumped about it....

If anyone needs to get a hold of me the number and details about the hostel we are staying in are at:


Love yall! Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Bday to me tomorrow.. oh and I will be able to check email all weekend.. so send away!