Monday, January 28, 2008


Friday night was the mustache and tight pants party at Dickinson. I didn't want to wear a real mustache because #1 weird #2 yuck #3 people looking at my nasty cold sore mouth. So under the tutelage of my friend Nina who inspired me to no end the day before the party.. here is my costume... Josh came with me and we had a really great time. It was the first time I had felt like a human being all week. It was fun to dance and chat with people. A lot of people were pumped to see josh around and it was fun to show him off as the "BF" this time.

2008: Spring One: Week Two: Day One: Hour 387

So. Today is Monday. and it is sooo long of a day. I woke up at 9 to a text from the boy. Crashed again after hitting snooze twice. Woke up at 10:30 planning to hit the doc's office at 11 before my meeting at 11:30. I had put my phone on silence and after running too late to go see the doc I checked my phone noticing a voicemail at 11:15. I called Mary and she informed me our group meeting started at 11. So instead of being 5 min late for our group meeting.. I was 35 minutes late. BOO. So I trudged to our meeting and it was not very productive but its just the beginning so no worries. Then realized I forgot my planner in JW. So I trudged ALLLL the way back, hit the mail, then went to class. Janaki was teaching social change today and it was a great amazing life changing 5 hour lecture.. that I had already heard the previous semester in SJ. So.. My brain was melting from Janaki's worldview shattering voodoo magic. After that there was a meeting to discuss the future changes at "SIT Graduate Institute, formerly known as the School for International Training Graduate Program". We thought we were going to be told that these changes would directly affect us.. and more importantly our fees.. we were ready to yell. No yelling occurred.. we are most likely to be grandfathered into the changes with no direct effect to our class. The new program ideas are good ones, but it was a long somewhat useless meeting for me to attend and it wasted precious reading time for OB2 tomorrow. Then I had another meeting.. Janaki's extra session that I didn't really attend. I just sort of "attended it" and in actuality I formed the Indoor Ultimate Google group on my lappy and then watched the state of the union address. I still have a bunch of articles to read, I am exhausted, it is 11:30, and I have class at 8 tomorrow. Arg.

Health news:
I officially feel over my flu/cold other than residual tiredness. The leftover yucky is still my cold sore ridden mouth.. attractive I know. The doc said "swish peroxide.. you foam like you have rabies but it does the trick nicely" Until then I lose wait from not eating anything pointy, spicy, chewy, hot, etc. the plus is I have been hounding water and eating more salad than usual.. :) and pudding.. ehem.

Night guys!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Class, Again.

Classes are starting again tomorrow.

This weekend was good. Spent the majority of it with Josh. the poor kid is living a sequence of tragedy.. it is hard to see him suffering but glad I can be here for him. I hope he knows that I am here, and that there are a lot of people around to support him.

Church was great today.. and I (and josh) am starting a daily bible reading thing.. and SO that will be encouraging too.

I miss mom.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I have been feeling incredibly unproductive these days. I have a few books to read, a textbook to buy and a cold to get over. Not to mention taking advantage of free time to spend with Josh and the others here. I have just been overwhelmingly tired. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally. I don't know what the cause is.. maybe just getting over break or something. Either way, many thanks to the hugs and hellos from everyone.

Josh, Cici and I went to church on Sunday. It was an interesting experience. The sermon was alright, and I felt sort of rushed in and out. We were late and I think Ci didn't want to linger so we left. I will say I miss worship so much. After being home in michigan, around music and the opportunity to sing in church. I haven't been in places where "worship nights" happen really anymore and it is bumming me out. Makes me want to just go find a room and start singing. Sunday at church I finally took a leap and tried to really pay attention to the words and music. I love when it kind of overtakes you.. the words and meaning. My voice tends to stray to its own thing and I don't care what it sounds like anymore.. its just my song to God. I probably look like a fool but I don't care anymore. I talked with Josh some about this the other day. I miss my freedom in faith, and I am starting to seek it out a little more. Being honest and open about how much I really love God and his impact in my life. Being transparent when I sing, and pray, standing up tall and not fearing judgment anymore. I don't know when I put a mask on but I'm ready to take it off. Its funny too because I don't know that a lot will change.. I mean I don't think people are going to go "woahhh what happened to you?". I think it is more of an inward change, perspective change I guess. Which is always good.

ASL is on thursday. I am nervous to start. I think Josh is teaching the first class and assisting for the others so that should be fun.. it makes me half nervous, and half calmed to know he'll be here. I am used to looking like a fool in front of him, and he has faith in me so thats always good :)

I am going to go take some dayquil and read a non school related book.. maybe if my brain will read SOMETHING I can convince it to read for class tomorrow..

have a good day kids.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So i posted the vid. And it is embarrassingly crappy. hahah.. i tried to save it as a smaller file so it wouldn't take forever to load.. but now it looks like crap. ah well. hopefully if the sound isn't too bad the subtitles will help ;)
I have never claimed to be good at editing nor do I even enjoy it that much. But after our many hours of work making and videoizing these cookies I attempted to put a little something together. I hate Windows Movie Maker, and so the quality is pretty crappy.. however.. it is still funny.

Grandma Phyllis used to make these xmas cookies that were amazing. Dad and I have conquered the recipe and felt the need to document that experience. This vid is part one.. just making the cookies and starting the icing. Maybe next year we'll ice and eat them on camera as well :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I need a break from break!

So it is tuesday and a lot has happened since my last post. New years was good, got to hang out with some cool youth group people that I havent seen in a quite a while. on New Years Day I took the treacherous drive out to Marshall to hang out with dad, aunt kris, uncle mike and brian again.. that was a nice relaxing day. We were expecting the St. Louis' to join but east michigan had gotten pounded by 13 inches of snow so I don't blame them. Wednesday was the day of shotgun coffee appointments. Saw Russ, Lacey, Bryant, and a few others.. Thursday afternoon I went and had lunch with my brother and his new fiance Vivian.. I love her she is so great! We played some ping pong and I gave him a magicians set :) That evening Abbey and I went out to GR to pick up the much awaited Josh from the airport. He decided to come out and hang in MI for a few days then help me drive back to VT. What a kid. So the rest of the weekend was spent with him, meeting people, seeing boring gh in the winter and that kind of a thing. It was a great chance to really spend some QT with him and relax.. We went to morningstar, butchs, rays, java, the pier, downtown, saw a few of my old houses and went to barnes and noble and hages. On friday we went out to holland and got to see steve/the tide live.. it was great to see Steve Schallert, Steve/Blade, Mishelle, Brett etc.. I am pumped to move back out to the area and reconnect with people.. On saturday a bunch of people got together at church.. an eclectic mix of youth/leaders/friends etc... it was fun to just sit and hang out, play some shopping cart bowling and mess with the sound system upstairs.. Sunday Church was pretty good too. I wish I had been more connected with the congregation at first pres.. I really do like their services and the fact that they do a good amount outside of the service on sunday. After that Josh and I drove out to Ann Arbor and stayed at Dads. It was pretty low key. Dad was pretty distracted and busy due to some upcoming big interviews but it was good to see him before leaving. The drive back to Vermont was good. Man I love long drives. I wouldn't let josh drive til the last leg because I love doing it :) Poor kid got the worst part. Dark mountainous foggy slick corners and one fast turn we almost died at.... All of my death dreams are at night in the fog as passenger so I was huddled and shaking in the car.. I shouldve told him I wasn't just sleeping.... he felt bad later..
Once we got back to the 'boro we searched for food.. it was ten and we hadn't eaten dinner.. so eventually dominos was open and we snagged a pizza and brought it to his house. His dad was so sweet again.. He gives good hugs like josh does. I might steal their cats too.. one of them is really funny... Yesterday and today have been recuperation days. You all know me and my need for a little solitude after being surrounded by people for days and days. So I have been holed up watching some GG and eating Ohs. It is a beautiful thing.. Today is laundry/knitting/planner making/ cleaning day. but tomorrow I want to go caching. It is beautiful out and it wont last much longer :(