Saturday, August 28, 2004

Got Jacked..

Most of you were present for the oh so painful assault last thursday evening at frisbee. It's sort of hard to explain from the recieving end. Ill hold it to the "commenters" to really put into words what it looked like from a spectators position. For me I was casually going in for some "D" to "snag" a "disc" from a "guy" who was holding it. All that came after that was pretty blurry except the thought "AAAHHHH STEPHEN!!!". Basically I got barrelled over by my quickly running boyfriend. I know he likes hugs but I prefer to be stationary without a shoulder in my trachea a crushed elbow and a newly jacked up knee. Haha. Oh well. Post flying approximately 100 feet through the air and waking up in a crater created on impact. I awoke startled as stephen was still in view. Leaning over me. Not on the ground. Now I know I'm smallish, but I've got some brawn to me. Did he really not move? Oh well.. I guess I should be proud to date a Brick Wall. He's BRIICCKK HOUUSE! well anyway the evening continued with angry words under my breath (at myself), a few tears, and a bitter limping girl. Poor stephen. He felt HORRIBLE. I sort of laugh at that, because in his position (size and motive) I would have done the same thing. I might have chickened out long before.. but I would have otherwise. I went to the Doc friday to check it out my knee just in case. It was rather painful and swollen. He proceeded to tell me that I slightly tore my LCL on my left knee and that I can't do my gymnastics class for 3 wks or anything else for that matter. SCREW THAT. My mind went stubborn. Ok.. Ill allow stephen to be Mama Lamb and not let me play disc for 3 wks. But I just got excited about my gymnastics class. And after walking around yesterday, 9 advil, and being stubborn, I'm not in pain anymore. So mind mind is made up. I deny any injury, any accident, and any and all smothering. I guess all in all, if anyone was going to "put me out of commission" Im glad it was stephen. I can't be mad at him for too long. He's just too darn cute.

Last night, being friday, I went out to dinner with Stephen and his roommates Brian, Adam and Sam. Now that was an interesting dinner event. Those boys cracked me up. Our server quickly attained the nickname "lowcut Queen" or something to that effect. It was humorous to watch the bouncing eyes of the boys as they tried to not stare at her chest. I must admit it was hard to avert even my eyes. Its sort of ironic to me that the shirt that will get her better tips, is making it possible for her to afford a new shirt.

Needless to say.. its been a fun weekend so far.

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Julie said...

girl, you should have asked one of my 11 (okay, three) nursing roommates to do surgery on your knee! they are learning to give shots on oranges. ORANGES!

i am glad i'm not an orange. or your knee.