Sunday, March 05, 2006

A White Spotted Weekend

Yes thats right you guessed it. I HAVE STREP. It was an overall good weekend though. Went to Arlington with Brooke and Rm in tow. Went shopping.. which was frustrating.. but saw curious george which is now by far my favorite feel good movie. Then to Chilis for dinner and a drink. Yummy Calipso or however you spell it. Fun with Megan, Phil and Brooke. We went home and I began to feel like.. what was it? Oh yes.. DEATH. The eve of my 21st bday I had full blown strep with a 102 fever. Yay. We almost had to forfeit the zoo. But we didnt. After breaking my fever in Brandons bed.. cuz I slept in his room.. cuz he wasnt home.. I felt pretty ok the next day. My temp was low.. like super low.. like 96.6 or something. So we went. About 130 I was about to pass out with body aches and chills. We went to Brookes and I passed out for a nap. Got ready and we wearily went to the wedding it was a beautiful wedding and reception. They are a favorite couple of mine. So sweet. After the reception it was off to Megans house. After having taken like an hour nap at brookes I started feeling better. We went and watched them play pool and minute by minute life began to renew. By 10pm I was back to being alive and well. I even played ultimate a little and did pretty good for being out of shape. I got home to brookes late after watching Walk the Line with erry body. I went home to bad news. White spots, and a renewed fever (thought not as high as the first time). I felt better though. I didnt feel like walking death. That was good. I slept in through church and we left at about 2pm. It is now 9pm sunday night and I have a pretty big homework load ahead of me. The good news is I am going to the doc tomorrow to get excused from classes for tomorrow and maybe even tuesday. That will help with catching up on homework I couldnt do this weekend and getting better for next weeks trip to cali which I REFUSE to miss.

So.. A good weekend.

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