Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Horrible title.

Man this week has been crazy but beautiful .. I had monday and tonigh.. wednesday off... I am swithcing with Ashby on fri/sat so that she can go home for easter and I can have a friday night off.. which means I havent worked since friday and I wont work again til Saturday... WOOT.. So I am enjoying life as a free girl for the week.. catching up on projects and watching a lot of Crossing Jordan and CSI Miami my two favorite crime shows.. yes. .true fact I like watching dead bodies be disected and murders be solved... anyways.

My plane tickets were bought for going home for the wedding and I realized that that is like 3 weeks from now.. craziness

We close on our new house next week friday... WOOT

We have a puppy named Jack. Jackie boy!! Can I call him Cowboy? True.

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ErinEC said...

Ah--Newsies reference. Good girl! Didn't we watch newsies once at the Relm?