Sunday, September 12, 2004

Double X Represent What?! What?!

So holy cow its been a long LOOONG weekend.Friday was a blast with lots of burgers, balloons and brooke surprisin. Then came saturday. The longest day of my life, for good reasons. Ultimate Tournament! It was out of this world! Props to the SPP boys for playin hard! We had such a blast seein our cheerleaders out there. I was proud to represent the Double X females and bring home the bacon! Needless to say the "ligers" won. WOOT WOOT! After the Tourney I drug/dragged/ sauntered my lifeless body back to my dorm for a freezing and beautiful shower. and proceeded over to the Delaney's for some babysittin of lili and clara. Cute girls I tell you what. After that stephen and I hit up Teeb's (Taco Bell) for a late night dinner, and I crashed quickly. It was a long day. Today was "devoted" to studying for my two tests tomorrow, as well as two papers due wednesday, punctuated with visiting and takin a break w/ stephen.

What do you think when your boyfriend tells your mother he's crackin the bull whip. Im pretty sure he was talking about keeping me in line. But.. it was rather ambiguous. I think my mom agrees. Speaking of which be praying for her and her health she is having some issues.

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