Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Warrior

God, I can hardly believe it. It has been a long battle, a heartfelt cry, and my heart's deepest desire. To see them see You. At times I doubted, and yet your peace always rushed in, encouraging and reminding me that you were listening, and you were answering. You have always reminded me of how Your spirit is working within them. Seeing her eyes light up at Your name, Oh God, I can't describe the joy. For so long I have despised the mockery your name had endured at their words. Thank you for not denying them your grace, and thank you for not denying me your grace either. God, help me to help her. I want her to experience you in the deepest way Lord. Continue to be with the rest of them as they search and come to find you. I trust your hand, you have reconfirmed your listening ear. My hope is renewed daily. I trust your Love and its transcending, transforming Power. Blow their minds.

God, help me to seek you the way you wish I would. Help me to understand your ways, your desires. Bring me closer to you, heal my heart and renew my spirit.

God bless stephen. Bless our relationship, help me to remain holy in your sight, and honor your desires. I know you love me, and desire the best for me. I trust that you know every fiber of my body, and mind and soul. I trust that you are working within our relationship, in the midst of us, in the midst of our decisions. Thank you for the ability to love.

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