Saturday, June 25, 2005

Tired, exhausted, encouraged, and hopeful.

So we calculated today that we are literally working about 100 hours a week. Despite being exhausted, roasting, farmers tanned like woah, and dirtier than possible, life is amazing in Juarez/El Paso. We have had two weeks of programming at our site so far and it has been amazing. We have had some amazing youth come in, some amazing adult leaders, and an awesome community. Last week we talked about the protection God gives us. We enjoyed dramas and crafts and games about Daniel and the many times God protected him. Our kids have been so adorable in kids club. Some days there are 10 kids, some days there are around 50. Ages range from 1 - 14, and It has been awesome.. I got three full days this week without having to kick anybody our or really discipline much.. it has been great. Our thursday nights we do a footwashing ceremony where we wash the feet of the adult leaders, and then the adult leaders wash the feet of the youth. Every week some of the youth and even adult leaders have washed our feet and prayed over us! What a blessing!!!!! What an encouragement! This week two senior guys named pat and chris washed our feet and prayed the sweetest prayers.. I had been so discouraged but after his prayers, again God showed me why I was in Mexico! It has been so amazing!

I talked to brooke today, bryant this week, and the padres a couple times.. it is good to share stories and let them know Im doin ok.

Stephen left for Africa on Monday and I have already gotten an email saying he is safe that is good to hear. We are in a strange season right now. Doubts about our future are in the air but it isn't a hostile thing, just possibilities to think through. God only knows what will happen and thats the truth.

Well I need to go to the pool and relax... many prayers and much love to all!!


stephen said...


Prayers from the "pearl of africa" Uganda and soon from Sudan. Sounds like things are tiring but good for you. Hope you are able to enjoy some down time. I stand confident that God is working some amazing things down there with your group. Love you.

stephen said...

ha its 10:16 here hahaha

stephen said...

that\s 10:16 in the morning