Saturday, June 04, 2005

Greetings from Juarez

Man this place is so amazing. Our first week of Youthworks training its over and we are chillin in El Paso before our first week begins. We will be working with site one this week .. Im totally pumped I feel like I am pretty ready to get started. Our community is so awesome.. I love them all so much all already. My staff is awesome. Stacy is amazing.. she is a great girl with a heart striving for God. Josh is awesome, he is such a punk and has a big heart for the people and social justice. Matt is a crazy kid and is so much fun. It is a perfect team.

I got my final grades.. all A's and a B in Pensamiento.. which really infuriates me but Ill deal. The other class that I had to do for the study abroad semester.. the one where I had to write a paper over xmas and a reflection at the end of the semester.. well he didnt ever get my paper when I sent it.. I have no idea what happened. I am really frustrated because I cant get my blasted ACU account to let me send emails.. ugh I hate MyACU.. anyways.. Kevin if you read this I sent you an email from my hotmail account... crap I just realized I never attached the paper.. hahah.. ok Im about to resend it.. heheh

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