Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An odd day

So this morning I drove back home from a great two days with mom. The drive home was amazingly easier, despite having the cats too... Yay for having cats now! They will come especially in handy now that I am single. Yes that is right.. stephen and I broke up. It was a hard ending to an amazing relationship. But I really felt God calling me to a season of singleness that I have never had, that I really really need, and hope will bear much fruit. Stephen know I love you dearly. It is my own fault for not taking this time before. I was selfish. I pray for you and your continued wrestling match with God. I hope to see you on the Frisbee field.. I would hate to miss opportunity to be blessed by such awesome role models as the grad guys.. aka you and your roommates and friends. But I understand either way.

I have cats in my apartment.

I have an apartment.

I have a 19 hour semester coming up.


Julie said...

phyllit~ i am sorry to hear about you and stephen, but i hope you find the peace you need in this new phase of your life. i can't wait to see you! thanks for the wedding-day phone call -- it was awesome and meant a lot. come by sometime and see the apartment! love!

stephen said...
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stephen said...

Words flee from me during times like these but I think its important that I post:

Simply I want to say (this sounds so stinking formal) to Phyllis and all her friends and family that read this post, that things ended in a hard way but not in a bad way. God has been gracious and has given me a great gift: he gave me the love of an amazing woman.

I will not sqaunder this gift even now that Phyllis and I are not together. The line between selfishness and love is very thin. It is easy to want someone's love for your good. God has been gracious and made sure I was able not to sink into this selfish love.

This to say to Phyllis and all friends and family that I know, please do not feel the need not to hurt me by coming around or not talking. I am not bitter about this, I hurt but I am also excited to see the amazing things that God will do in/with this amazing woman. I think we all share this excitement and a love for this woman.

Phyllis it ani't no secret I love you kid, and I hope this was not to long to post but I felt like it needed to be.

Praying for you always Phyllis

Julie said...

i love you, stephen! :-) you and phyllit were great for each other, and you will both do amazing things, together or separate. i always liked the shape of your head!

stephen said...


Julie I have to admit that it hiliarious! Thank you!