Friday, December 09, 2005

Done and Done!

I am finished! Finally! This semester is over! Woot! Woot WOOOOOOOOT!

This semester has been full of so much.. drama, studying, dancing, singing, craziness.

I feel like I should recount it.. but Ill save you the death.. I mean boredom.

I will however EXCLAIM that I got an A on my term paper!!!!! If anyone needs to know anything about Day of the Dead and Mexican Catholicism.. YOU LET ME KNOW!!

I have also learned that fighting with someone over IM in Spanish is way more infuriating that would normally be expected. Arg.

1 comment:

Julie said...

i love you and your tiny bladder. :-) hahaha! i'm sure i'll see you before saturday (hopefully), but if not, have fun in mexico!!! don't let anyone steal your heart and take you away from us!