Monday, December 19, 2005

Ya regrese, ya me voy

Well I just got back from Juarez last night.

Man it was so amazing to see everybody again. I forgot how much I love everything about that city. I was real nervous driving my car around there, but it was easier to drive my little cochita than the big 15 passenger van. Crossing the border went smooth. Thank God for the gift of Gab when it comes to stressful situations.. we got inspected coming back from Juarez. Thats what happens when the passengers both have michigan IDs and a Michigan license plate and say they came down for a Quincenera.. one night.. thats it.. hahah.. he was like your nuts!

I got some great pics. It was hysterical to see Eileen in a dress and hating life. SHe hates being the center of attention. Oh was she!!!

The whole things started with a church service. The sanctuary was done up like a wedding.. Tulle-rific. Blue and white with these candle thins that kept falling over. About 30 minutes was spent greeting people. Some had come from far away.. others lived there. Then it started. The three escorts came in. This was hysterical because they are three of the most gangsterish, dark long haired, black finger nails, marilyn manson listening boys. They were in TUXES!!! they had to like wedding march in with the funny slow walk and stuff. Then Eileen was escorted in by her mom and dad. They had to help her from not falling cuz here heels were.. oh my gosh.. 4 inches and BRIGHT BLUE STRAPPY SCARINESS.. I about cried... She had her, eybrows, nails, makeup, strapless dress with like beaded blue and white corset.. FRIGHTENING.. but she was so pretty. She had a crown on and she was hiding behind all her straightened hair.. She sat down in a chair facing away from us and fidgeted through a 40 minute sermon about waiting to find the guy has for you, and living for what God desires etc. I had a hard time paying attention.

After the sermon he called up the parents and the godparents. They presented the bible, the ring, and a pillow that she then knelt on. Liz and I joined 9 other people (to represent fifteen in all, one for each year of her life) as she was prayed over and blessed. The ceremony ended and the next 40 minutes was for pictures and greetings again. Almost every candle got knocked over. hahah..all the kids were fast asleep on shoulders..

We all jumped in vans and cars and headed over to the reception hall. Ours was in the Penthouse suite. Basically the top floor with an amazing view of the city and it was private. We hung out for awhile until Eileen came in. They served cokes and dinner.. which wasnt very good. It was like this weird chicken that you had to eat with a spoon. a lot more difficult that worth the taste.. hahah.. it wasnt typical mexican dish. After that they did the waltzs. THIS WAS HYSTERICAL. Eilleen and her three escorts had to do all this choreographed waltzing.. All for of them wanted to cut themselves. they stared at the floor with zero rythem or desire to be there.. After that they had people go up and make some speeches. NOBODY wanted to. A couple of the gringos did, then a brother and a cousin. But neither parent did. it was weird. Dessert was served.. ehem.. I didnt eat any.. I was still reeling over dinner. People started to leave after that and the "dancing" was supposed to begin but it never really did. Everybody was exhausted so we all just mingled and talked. It was kind of dissappointing but it was cool.

We went home at about 2 in the morning and left for abilene at like 11 the next day. 2 and 1/2 hours were spent trying to cross the border.. the line was SOOOOOO long.. longer than I had seen it all summer. Everyone was leaving to xmas shop in El Paso. nuts.

Long drive. Long weekend.

I need to go repack for Michigan.. I go to dallas soon then off to Ann Arbor tomorrow.

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