Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weekend in GH

Wow, I just got back yesterday from GH, Michigan. What a blast it was! So much fun. It had lots of wedding stuff, a couple margaritas, and some good bud time. And a quazi date.. hahah.. Does it count? Who knows.. am I happy about it?.. yes. It was so good to see everyone again. Shyle is MARRIED! Lyds boytoy is awesome, and it was great to hang with Jenni, Kyle, Alex, Mitch, Lyd, Shy, Nate, Drew, Seth, Katie, etc. Oh yah and Zajac. What a sweetheart. A couple really interesting conversations went down. We are gonna keep in touch better this time. God has such strange timing.

Finals are this week, I had two papers due today.. Im tired. But work tonight was good. I talked to rob about changing my schedule next semester so I dont have to close as much. It stresses me out to much. I think im gonna do a couple morning shifts a week. That I can handle.

I need to get some work done before i go to bed. Im going to convince myself Im not waiting up by the phone. Im not.

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