Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another one for the books..

Had a great week/weekend. Felt like junk thursday and graciously skipped classes. Friday internship was a halfday and most of it was spent talking to ed about our NGO and how it is so blessed. He told me a lot of cool thinks about what they are hoping to do in the next few years and it makes me want to stick around to see it happen! I dont know though..

Friday night we had some of megans friends come in town and I had some from town come over. Two words Megans Margaritas. It was a fun night. No damage done. Thanks to ali and haley for the living room dance party. Hats off to Phil for taking my phone away. Word to stan for taking it like a man.. Sorry if I was too mean. Applause to guys who are respectful and sweet.. damn the rest who think they deserve way more than they actually do.

Saturday I had to work at like 9 for an hour. No biggie except that I had only had about 4 hours of sleep.. Brandon and I went geocaching at Will Hair park and were 2 for 3. It was our first successful trip. We're still rookies. But we finally figured out our GPS unit.

Felt like junk for most of saturday.. Sat Night was an amazing steak dinner.. Much love to Meg, Adam and Mckoy for food. Sorry I didnt help but I promise I would have ruined it. Just chilled the rest of the night. Slept in sunday.. Sad.. I wanted to go to church but I wasnt feelin it. Maybe next week.
There is a lot to do this week. I have a test or two.. a rather large amount of homework and lots to do for internship. Fun time is over..

Dad went to china for about 2 weeks Friday. He never called before he left ... Crap.

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