Monday, September 04, 2006

A Pretty Darn Good Labor Day Weekend

PS.. I just posted this on Sigma Pi Phi Chronicles website.. oops.. ah well

This weekend was pretty great. Relaxed friday, nothing noteworthy happened.. Saturday I trained cassie on how to open. I didnt do a good job, it was really slow and we just watched movies for awhile.. Oh well.. Ill come in on her shifts and make sure all is well. I fell asleep later that day and woke up to a phone call from Jeremy reminding me to come to austins for a pool party. I was half asleep but woke up around like 730. I decided I needed to be social so I threw on some clothes and headed out to Austins. I wasnt planning on staying long.. I figured it would be like the last time when only a few people showed up. Well there were more people than I expected good food and beverage. It was good to hang out. The highlight of the night was this guy I met. His name was Grant, we ended up talking and hanging out all night. Sadly he's from Tulsa so I dont expect to ever see him again, but its cool. Learned a lot about myself.. im serious.. it sounds corny but Im glad I went. My patience with dating has been revived. So thanks to Grant from Tulsa.. Hope you come hang out again.. if not.. Godspeed and thanks for taking a chance..Sunday was spent sleeping.. Monday was cleaning,homework day because we are having people over tonight.. Now Im off to Starbucks and Fazolis! YUUM!

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