Saturday, February 10, 2007

Let the Trumpets Sound!

It turns out that I am going to Grad School in the fall.. School for International Training. I forgot the lovely feeling of people going.. What school? Where? Never heard of it.. this is much akin to the reactions to me going down to Texas for Undergrad. But look how well that turned out!!!

So now I am hoping to live with my sister in Philadelphia for the summer working and nannying for her. Then up to Vermont for scary hard Grad school in September.

The most important aspect of this all: I am leaving Abilene in about 4 months.

1. Glad to leave Abilene, despite its quirks, I am very glad.
2. Brattleboro, Vermont is GORGEOUS and very small. Itll be like my very own lil stars hollow.
3. Sad to leave roommates and friends, but glad to meet new people again.
4. SO pumped to be able to spend time with my sister. I just hope it doesn't lead to conflicts or frustrations. We live completely different lives. Im ok with that, but there's gonna be some pressure and issues for me personally with feeling inadequate, or the opposite in feeling superior. I just can't wait to see what God has for me, hopefull at the very least ill get to work at a Barnes and Noble again.
5. Im trying to convince Phil Jacobs to move up there too. Hahah. how fun would that be? and it would be nice to have an ally in the Christian department, as well as just an amigo.
6. This is the beginning of the end educationally speaking. WOOT.
7. I can start being the outdoorsie girl again. Mountains, climbing, skiing, hiking, TREEEES!
8. FOUR SEASONS. yes that is SUMMER FALL WINTER SPRING.. oh lovely.
9. Change. Period.



Julie said...

Hoorah for change. And hoorah for Vermont!

ErinEC said...

Congrats, Phyllis! We will miss you but I'm glad you are excited about your new life adventure!