Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Hhaha.. k weelllll Honduras was incredible.. i got pictures if your interested.. We spent the week painting, scraping, painting and painting some more.. Plus some VBS. I LOVED being able to translate and speak to the people.. I am officially glad I learned spanish. On sunday I leave for Mexico with Russ and the First Pres Youth Group in Grand Haven. We go to Reynosa.. I get there sunday early evening..

I am sort of nervous about it. I mean it has been a long time since I have been involved with this youth group. Do I invest in the kids? Do I try to draw a line since I will more than likely just disappear out of their lives the following weekend? I figure loving them with the Love of the Lord is called for.. thus.. Im gonna do it. SO that means hardcore investment. Im ok with that!

I am officially moving to Philadelphia for the summer, then on up to Brattleboro for Grad School. I am SOOOOOOO pumped to get OUTTA HERE! I love abilene but i need a change. A big change. You all know Im a nomad at heart. I like new experiences and meeting new people. Its a challenge! This summer is gonna be amazing living with Berz and the kids. I am sort of nervous, but I think that is normal. I havent spent more than a week with her in almost ten years. But she is my sister and I feel like we have gotten a lot closer this past year. PRAY that I get a job at Barnes and Noble, and that it is a smooth summer of family time, and fun! Jesus brought the wine right Dana? hahaha... sorry that was random.

UNITE has been incredible this semester. Seeing God work and move in our generation in a way that is tangible. Awesome. The worship is so refreshing too. Jeremy West I applaud you and your heart for the Lord. I cant wait to see you in concert one day like DCrowder.

Speaking of which, I was praying the other day and I got an awesome Word. Man its I AM statement for all you ladies out there.. ask me if you get the chance.. its too good to Bloggify.

I met someone yesterday. Yes. Its True. I might even admit to you where. Let me just say I didnt really "meet" him per se. Meaning its an IM friend. But he's a cool guy, and needs prayer for his job possibilities. Looking for a full time position, youth ministry etc. So pray! Preferably in the New England area.. "wink".

K I need to go get some research done for my term paper.. skpping a week of school isnt always the best idea for your senior semester!
6 weeks to graduation!!!!!

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