Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well so far I am still on the job.. I work in a few hours. Should be fun. I am watching a Baby Story on TLC. Pretty much I am the typical girl right now. Pjs, Dr Pepper, Marie Claire, TV shows that make me excited to have a family some day, and lazy. It is a quiet house without the kids, they are off at Julies this week so I am free of the niece and nephew. I might actually miss the distraction.

I went to a walmart last night to pick up some amenities. It was the weirdest walmart ever. From the outside it was HUGE, but when I got inside it was claustrophobic. Everything was set up strange and they didnt even have a grocery section, just a few aisles with a few things. It was like 20 minutes away too. Not worth. Ill just CVS/ACME it up from now on.

This sunday at church I brought the kids while amber slept from work the night before. They got to hang out with Childrens church and from what I heard they really liked it. Jess helped with the little kids and they both got to make a book for their dad for fathers day. Beth, the lady in charge, fell in love with them.. ofcourse they are both such charmers. :)

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