Wednesday, July 23, 2008


had my pt appointment yesterday. It hurt but he showed me some exercises to do with one of those big theraband things. I did them today and I hurt but its ok.

Got an email from SIETAR yesterday offering me an almost 700 euro scholarship to go to the congress conference in Spain this fall. Man. I have no idea what I am doing with my life. Could I bet on the possibility of taking a few days off to go to spain? Would I even want to do that alone? Anyone want to go to spain for the week of the 22-25 of October?

Talked to Dave at Greaterworks the other day about possibilities in internship stuff with them. Thats assuming AD stuff with YW doesn't work out. Not that I am even assuming thats what will happen, just saying its still a possibility.

Ohhhh geez OSCers are returning from soccer I gotta go get some finances done. Later!


Anonymous said...

Just think of all the terrific opportunities you have!! I am not crazy about you going to Spain alone. I know the pt hurts but it IS worth it. I love you, darlin'


Phyllistene said...

Oh believe me.. Me and spain alone prolly not happenin. I don't really see it happening in general, but its crazy to be offered the scholarship.

C.S.C. said...

I would totally go to spain with u if I could --that's great they offered u a scholarship!--. But alas, I will be practicum-ing (thank goodness that I found one though). I miss you friend! Where will u be next? Anywhere closer to D.C.? It sucks that therapy hurts but it will make u StRoNg!