Monday, August 25, 2008


So I am in Texas this week and it has been a lot of fun so far! Though stressful on some levels.

Saturday I got here in the morning and Brooke and I helped Charles set up his classroom since he starts his first day as a teacher today (monday). Then we went to their cute awesome apartment in Richland Hills to nap before people were coming over. Daniel had done his job of inviting some folks over and we went out to dinner, played some games and watched some Olympics. Then Sunday morning we went to church at pleasantridge then headed over to Brooke's parents house for some lunch. After lunch and some poster making Brooke and I headed to Abilene for the night. We met up with Megan, Cody, and Brandon for dinner and bowling then ended up at Brandon's house for some Rock Band. It was a blast! I had never played before! After that we headed to Cody's house where we were staying. Thats where Megan will live when they get married in November. It was good to be attacked by Jack a few times but I won't lie I don't miss living with Big Crazy dogs. They might be able to control them but I never could. We stayed up talking about the craziness of life and all of the drama going on. I feel like I am in a VERY weird transition phase right now that just won't actually transition. Hard to explain right here.. maybe I'll figure it out this week some time. Anyway.. Monday morning we got breakfast with Julie, talked with Ed at GSR for a bit, had lunch with some of Brooke's work buddies, headed to ACU to see the new buildings and visit with the Foreign Language Department. Then headed back to the Metroplex. I met with Daniel and we went out to Dinner with his sister, Rachel and Stev then to Stev's Softball Game. That was a lot of fun!!! Dinner was tasty and I am still full!

Weird thing of the week:

Last night my back freaked out. I have posted before about how I have had weird death dreams and my neck freaks out and it feels like this explosion sensation in my spine that is all buzzy, and numb sort of. Well this time it happened in the middle of my lower back where I've had so much pain. It was HUGE and horrible. It lasted for almost like 3 minutes and felt like someone tazered my spine. It felt like when the lady used the electrodes on my shoulder too close the muscle next to my neck and it made my shoulder spasm and freak out. My entire back arched and tensed up. i feel like I did situps and back exercises last night. So now I'm a bit worried about it. I wonder if that mattress this summer messed up my lower back and nerves are pinching.. I don't know but I do NOT want it to happen again.

More to come this week. I am excited to get ready for Mexico but glad I came here first!

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