Saturday, August 16, 2008

to wait.. or to live. meh.

I went geocaching yesterday and today. It was refreshing to be outside in nature that I don't have to fear. I don't mind being in nature in the south or other places that contain rattlesnakes/bears/other creatures I would have no clue what to do with.. but it was liberating being in michigan woods and feeling at home. Given it was a park in the middle of the city.. but there were real trees. real dirt. earthworms and black ants. maples. evergreens. oaks. beautiful woods. Man it was surreal smelling dirt. I know its so strange but when I was little my friends and I lived in the woods. We were constantly in trees, digging up dirt, cleaning out old trees for amazing forts, sledding in the middle of nowhere. I remember one night a bunch of us went out to the old plant up by rosy mound and climbed up the dune and ehem.. over a fence around like 11pm. We found this huge hill and brought all of out sleds and stuff out with us. There was so much snow that if you broke the surface of the snow you were up to your hips without touching ground. We sledded for like 3 hours. I think at one point I didn't even have a sled I was just somersaulting down the hill. haha. Anyway.. yesterday I was 0 for 3. Today I went to 2 of those three and still couldn't find them, but I did find 2 others in another park. Its possible I was trudging through poison ivy... I don't know. I texted Daniel and Brandon.. they both said 3 leaves.. and thats what I was trudging through but I never got itchy. I rocked the listerene bath later.. maybe thats what helped. I don't know. Earlier today Dad and I went to go see Tropic of Thunder. HILARIOUS. It was only slightly crude at parts, but otherwise pretty hysterical. Tonight we are relaxing with burgers "Into the Wild" and some Phelps making history.

OH... I BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKETS TO TEXAS. I am going. Its happening. I am soo excited to come down. I am pumped to stay with Brooke and spend some time with her. I am excited to go to Abilene and see brandon and hopefully megan too. I am so ready to finally see Daniel again too. It is weird talking to him all the time and not ever actually see him. Sometimes it feels like he'll come walking around the corner some day ( I mean that.. its kind of strange :)). That would be a good day... Well anyway It should be an exciting week. It will be fun to see people, and reconnect. I get a full week down there.. from the 23rd to the 30th.. WOOOOOT!

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