Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is a Friday. That means my butt is glued to a seat in Kinleys for hours on end while I try and figure out what the smack I am doing for my papers and classes. Today.. I reached a milestone. My research is basically done in its initial needs. Meaning I no longer have to attack the UTEP library searching for a basis of my paper. I always hating going into a research paper trying to fit sources into what my paper was about. Research is about learning, finding themes, drawing conclusions based off of many sources, ideas, theories, models and seeing what fits and what doesn't. Thats what I think anyway. So I have spent the last few fridays perusing and pillaging the stacks at UTEP. Today I have finally formulated my RPQ for my advisor in hopes of approval so I can begin phase two of my first practicum paper. It has helped immensely that my other cohort folks are online and finally commenting back and forth about whats going on in their own experiences.

One such discussion led me to realize my need to design some trainings while I am here in order to make it relevant to the CLC I am in. SO due to my milestone.. I am off to start designing curriculum for some trainings I am thinking about doing. I think one of them I can do pretty easily without havint to work TOO hard. The other will be pretty extensive though so I am going to wait til I can really journal and explore what that will look like.

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