Thursday, November 06, 2008


At Kinleys. Working on newsletters. My feet are FREEZING.


My friend Nasser from Mexico City finally moved out here and what a blast hanging out with him. It's great to have a friend in the area. He is hoping to get an apartment and find some english classes. I am learning more an more spanish everyday thanks to amazing convos with him, eileen and the women at the costura. Things are going pretty well now that the dust has settled from a pretty yucky september/october. November is looking up though!! It is crazy to think the fall semester is over though. I still don't have a paper written! Yikes! I have two weeks before I hit my paper 1 written deadline. I blame my prof for not ever saying my paper is ok. I am ready to write it out and get it done.. but its taking forever for her to let e know when I can start!!

I go for an MRI this week on my shoulder sometime so I can hear back on Tuesday whether surgery is immenant. He sounded pretty sure it would need to happen. Boo. but whatevs.

I found a frisbee league in the area I want to check out. Funny that this follows the surgery blip eh? Well I doubt the surgery would be soon and man I need to get in on some action. I am so freakin out of shape. yuck. I also found some good geocaching in the area.. hurrah.

Mom is moving! Its really happening! She got my car from Michigan and the plans are in the works! We are so excited!!!!

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