Thursday, January 29, 2009



My internship ends on Saturday and I won't lie I am relieved but also stressed. I have applied to over 40 positions in El Paso and only just got my first interview for one of the least expected. Nasser and I are flying out to Missourri to get my car from my mom. I feel bad about the hit and run visit, but it WILL be good to see her, even if for just a few minutes. We are then heading to Dallas to spend some much needed qt with Brooke and the hubby. Woot! We'll pass through Abilene briefly if only to say hello to brandon, and then be on our way back to El Paso in time for Nasser to do his ref thing. Speaking of which.. yes the rumors are true.. Nasser and I are dating! Now that greaterworks is ending and there are no longer going to be communities in Juarez.. We can finally be official.. it has been a tough few months pretending like it wasn't happening, but what can I say.. rules are meant to be broken. He is a phenomenal man and I am excited to see what happens in the future!

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