Sunday, April 05, 2009


This was a good week for me.

I finished all my stuff for my training and wrote a good chunk of my second paper.. So thats good.
Work was good this week and then last night I went out with a couple friends from work. It was pretty hilarious. Its possible I almost had a girl beat me up.. but luckily some shmuck felt all protective. Pretty soap opera.. It was nice to let loose and dance a bit, laugh and hang out with the girls. I missed laughing. Sadly I have the most fun at work these days.

I might end up applying at a new roller rink opening up in town. I wouldn't mind a few extra bucks a month to help out. I make just enough to cover rent, credit card, and food but gas is stretching everything a bit thin. That and my unruly splurging on things like the purple jeans I bought for 12 dollars yesterday. Sure its only twelve bucks and they are hilariously phenomenal, but still its not good for the budget.

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