Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training and stuff..

This week has been really good. I've been meeting some new people and connecting to a ministry in the area. More importantly I am starting to understand my calling. I have been getting pretty fired up about designing some equipping trainings for some ministries in the area. I guess I just have always felt like my niche in faith is inspiring and equipping others to do outreach and serve. Not that I can't do those things as well.. but now that I have the skills to develop training design and whatnot, I keep getting all these ideas and its very exciting. More and more I realize that my path is set and straight I just have to keep one foot in front of the other.. So thats what I'm gonna do

Update on school:
RPQs 1 and 2 are written and submitted
RPQ 3 is all but finished
RPQ 4 is a question mark
Training is going to be on May 16th
and my thesis is sort of a reflection based on how the training goes..

I petitioned to graduate in August. Lets see if it happens

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