Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Pancakes, Coffee, and a Smiling Face

This morning Brooke and I adventured to Ihop. Its amazing what a good pancake can do for you. Its funny what faces bad coffee can cause. Its interesting to hear the conversations of two girls that haven't had girl time in a while.

Our server was so sweet. If I had the cash I would make it a point to go there on her shifts just to be able to make conversation with her, and see her wrinkly but smiling face. What a great woman.

After Ihop we made a "quick stop" in Family Christian bookstore. Our quick trip turned into like an hour and a half or something. I could live in that store. I found some cute thank you/encouragement cards and blank cards that have a P on them like my grandma always used to send me. I was always jealous. In fact I found one of the notes she sent me last year when she was just beginning to get sick. It was always nice to have an ally in Christ across the country. My aunts and uncles and grandma have always been soo encouraging. I need to start sending them notes again. Thats why I bought them. They deserve reciprocated encouragement.

I decided today I miss my Grandma, but that it is ok. I taught stephen how to play spite and malice. I plan to teach him more fun games soon that my grandma always loved to play. I would love to get my hands on one of her old decks of cards. She had the coolest cards. I wonder who ended up with King Oil? I hope its still around. My goal is to learn how to make her sugar cookies when my dad and cindy come into town. Dad dont forget the recipe! We have to conquer the recipe! My Grandma was such an amazing woman, Ill miss her, but she has left so many influences on my character that she will never be forgotton. I strive to love my family, and serve my family as she did.

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Dennis Cesone said...

Pancakes with chocolate chips today would be a good day for a raining day here in Bethesda, Maryland. Cawfee ( coffee: New York accent ) would be purrrrfect. My 3 year old daughter loves to eat pancakes and always put a smile on her face. It brings me joy. I saw your comment in Cope's desserts blog - banana covered chocolate! I think I'm going to try that. It's almost like dunking a vanilla ice cream cone into chocolate fudge!

Enjoyed your blog. I'm part of the deaf ministry in Fairfax, Virginia. I was at ZOE conference recently and met great people. www.fxcc.org/deaf

Have a great day. Rejoice! This is the day the Lord had made! Rejoice!