Monday, November 01, 2004

Goodbye Corpus!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Despite feeling like I had a car stuck to my butt ALL WEEKEND.. it was such a fantastic trip. Pictures will be on webshots soon but the rundown for unattenders is as follows:

Near death experience count: 3
Hours of driving: well we left at 5, had some technical issues, dinner, and arrived about 1:30. about 8 hours?
Number of cars in caravan: 2

EC's High Curb Diet
Hard Eights B B Q
Intercar 20 questions
Slaughtering Curtis and RM in our word game.

Near death count: about 5, though that is debatable
hours of driving: 2-3 (to and from Corpus)
Cars in Caravan: 6

Beach: burying EC, Jelly fish, clams, sandcastles, dance party, seagulls, waves of death, getting mooned by the random guys passing by, I officially hate saltwater.. yuck. I am way too spoiled with freshwater lakes.. i mean wow.
Hannah's house for dinner: Elk, Boar, Deer, and lots and lots of fooooood, Paint the Moon and other fun games
Back at the Family Living Center: Lots of ball throwing, frisbee tossing, and light breaking.
Got to talk to stephen.. wow long weekend.

Near Death count: 4
Hours driving: 3ish
number of cars in caravan: 2 to the aquarium, 8 to Pizza Parlor

Aquarium: what a blast, blue lobsters, little kids, dolphin show, dive show, stingrays, baby palm trees, christmas light jellyfish, crabs, cabbage patch fishies.
Dinner at Pizza Parlor: sharing beverages, great pizza, telling jokes, Joanna's presence in general,
FLC: Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball, Ultimate, Volleyball.
Whataburger trip: WOW 35 people dressed in rediculous clothing attacking a Whataburger full force. Wow. We didnt even get kicked out!

Near Death Experiences: Fat Rain Scariness, but other than that none. Well besides EC's offroad excursion.
Hours driving: 8
Cars in Caravan: avg of 4

Church: Lauren and I went to an awesome spanish class that Hannahs dad was teaching. It was amazing to sit and talk and listen. Mostly just listen. The service was good too.
Potluck: Oooooooooohhhh Fried Chicken! Lots o food! Lots of great people!
Drive home: Lots o Rain, little sleep.
Getting home: great to see stephen.

Im sure that was a riveting summary of our trip. It was a blast, long, tiring, way fun, and generally dramaless. Thanks to Curtis, Lauren and RM fror being great car pals. Thanks to Robin, Hannah and everyone else organizing for putting together a great trip. Kudos to drivers, leaders, and all sacrificial lambs for making this trip possible.
Pics will be on webshots soon!

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