Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its been awhile

Man it has been awhile since I have posted.

Classes are going pretty well.. it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. On top of classes I am assistant teaching an ESL conversation class. It is a lot of fun.. I have three students . Alberik from Burundi, Serge from Rwanda and Pascal from the Congo. They are all sweet guys. Their english is pretty low but we are working on it and they have already improved!! It is weird having an actual job. But it feels really good on the same note.

This week has been a week of new things. I have been trying to go out on a limb socially.. you know like I went to a concert friday where I wasnt sure if I knew anybody going. I have been going to Hispanos Unidos chapel.. where I know people but have met many new faces. I went to the first Study Abroad interest meeting this week and yucked it up about Study Abroad with freshmen, alumni, what have you. It has been really cool. I have made some really good friends, and I am excited about it. It is nice to meet people who are excited about the same things.

God has been stretching me these past few weeks. In so many ways. I have been tested a couple of times too. That has been interesting. Some of you know what I am talking about. Some of you dont..

My mom got hurt last week and I didnt know about it. That is a terrifying feeling. I hate living so far away and being out of the loop. It is so hard to know how she is doing. I worry.. a lot.

My dad is in China. I hope he is enjoying it.

I love my apt. I love living alone. It is amazing. It is messy right now and that drives me nuts.


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Stev9 said...

Es muy injusto que usted pueda escribir en español en su blog. Deseo que pueda escribir las cosas que muy pocas personas podrían entender. Ayúdeme aprendo.

Julie said...

phyllis! i need your "gilmore girls" tape! i am dying to see the premier episode! let me know if this borrowing can be arranged.