Sunday, September 18, 2005


Lots of new stuff has come about this week:

I aced my tests in French and Nutrition. That was quite exciting

I am going to be in the Culture Show.. Support Ethnos! Woot Woot! Ill be dancing with the Brazilian group and maybe acting/singing some as well. We'll see.

I am on the Praise team for Hispanos Unidos. Our first performance is wednesday in chapel. Yah thats right. I and my 7 or so teammates will be singing in front of hundreds of people. Im sorry but that is really weird. It has been years since I have sang in public.

We had a tango "workshop" on Friday night in the UP parking lot. It was a blast. Word to Isaac, Maria, courtney, Tisha and Alex who caught on quick! Y'all rock!

This week is the Study Abroad fair... I get to be susie studyabroad again..

ESL has been going great... We learned colors this week. Try explaining the difference between silver and grey, tan and offwhite, chocolate and brown, and why grey isnt light black or dark white.

My apartment finally smells good again. That makes life easy. Im not going to explain why it smelled so bad.

Thank you to Justin something freshman kid who found my cellphone outside of moody and called Ali. If you want her number gimme a hollah... Alibear rocks. Hahah.

I have no food in my house right now. none. literally. Ok well except soup, stale tortilla chips, and potpies.

I am sick of studying already.

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Stacy said...

I love it that you have a blog! Now I can really keep up with you! You are on the spanish praise team, wow, you are perfect for that. I love it. Extrano el espanol mucho. Por eso, yo fui a una iglesia hispana aqui en Miami. Quiero concerles y hacer cosas con ellos, porque extrano nuestras amigos en Juarez. Bueno te amo mucho! -stacy malibu