Thursday, February 02, 2006

Worthy of the chase I am!

Today was a weird day. I slept through my morning class. Which I hate. I feel so worthless when I skip class. But I am sick and I needed to rest badly. I made it to my one oclock although it wasnt worth going to becuase my head was so foggy I could have worn beer goggles and seen better. Then I went home and did homework. I was proud cuz I didnt go to sleep I actually did my homework. Thats a first. I have been catnapping a lot lately. Its bad.

I went to work tonight and it was weird. My head was still a little screwy so I wasnt efficient at all. Plus I didnt want to touch any of the ice cream and had to wash my hands a thousand times.

I got a promotion last night. Yes another one. I am now the general manager of the store, and second in command. There are a lot of reasons for this promotion but I am soo proud. It is kind of a political thing. Basically so that I can keep an eye on everyone including the other management.. ehem. But its still pretty cool. I am nervous though because I am not higher than a lot of people that are older than me. I was used to that this summer, but its different when its business versus ministry. I still have to change my mindset about that. Losing money is a big deal in a business like this.

God is so good for blessing me with this opportunity and seeing how much he is watching out for me and also lighting the path before me. Everyday the vision becomes clearer.

This weekend is Rachels Lingerie shower. I dont think I can go which stinks. Well sort of. See the thing is I despise lingerie showers. Mostly because it is one of those "advice" sessions and honestly I just dont want to hear it until its my marriage and right before the wedding. Its a personal thing. I struggle with lust a lot and having to hear details and stories and tips about sex for hours isnt my cup of tea. I love you Rachel and you are an amazng girl, many blessings on your wedding but for the sake of my own mental purity I cant go. The main reason is because of this promotion I have to go in and do spot checks at work for like an hour on sat night. But I honestly didnt fight it.. Im sorry.. I am a horrible friend.

So I have a love interest. No names will be revealed but its kinda freakin me out a little bit. I feel like a highschooler. And I never realized how much of a go getter I am as far as dating is concerned. I am so bad at the waiting game. When Im interested I show it and wait for a response. But I am SOOO sick of being the pursuer. I would kill to be pursued. The most attractive thing a guy can do is pursue a girl, pull out all the stops, be open. There is a difference between being one of those overconfident guys who ask you out cuz they KNOW you cant say no. Then there are the guys who go out of their way to say hey, Im interested and I think you might be someone special.. lets find out. SOmeone who does something creative to grab yourr attention cuz they know you might be a catch. I dont know..

All I know is there are a lot of guys who just walked out of my life.. and if they had chased me I might have let them stick around. But its not worth being with someone who doesnt make you feel like your worth the chase.

Girls? Are you with me on this one?


Julie said...

congrats on the promotion! you're taking the world by storm, one multi-thousand dollar ice cream machine at a time.

i'm with you on the being pursued thing. that was one piece of old-fashioned advice my momma gave me: let the boys do the chasing! luckily i'm lazy, so that worked. but i never got the "being mysterious" thing down, which is supposed to be attractive. being a gehl is tough work.

Brooke said...

no chasing boys!! you are totally worthy of the chase. any guy worthy of you should be willing to chase you to the ends of the earth and back. and that's that.