Tuesday, February 21, 2006


So one week from friday is my 21st birthday.WOOPEE!!!

I am utterly stoked for my birthday for the first time in a long time. Brooke and I are goiing to go to FW Zoo and then go see curious george. Others are invited but I am perfectly excited if not moreso to spend this blessed occasion with my best friend. I enjoyed dinner and a movie with her on hers.. It will be nice to spend mine together with her. She is the best present money could buy and I am so proud of her for becoming such an amazing woman of God with such a great heart. God has blessed me so much these past months with her!! Thanks girl!

So much as I can tell the love interest has fizzled. Not from my end but Im down with honesty from people I trust.. and thus I am satisfied alone with the fact that I do feel ready to date again but am rather glad I have avoided it. or been avoided by it rather.

Speaking of the subject, communication with stephen has slightly resumed. or so the few emails here and there show me. One of the things I want to do this semester is heal that friendship. I understand he and I may never be able to be best friends, but I miss the person that he is and I wish that didnt have to disappear totally.

RM phil and I found a dog today. It was in his yard all cute and scraggly with nasty mattted black hair. It looks like toto but cuter. It is still a wee pup and will not be formally named hathchet as phil and others decided without my presence. Deb is keeping the sweet thing for a while until we decide what to do. My cats didnt like it so much, Z ran for the hills and Ada came to check it out with hair straight up and poofy. She looked like a big grey marshmallow

Tonight at work was frustrating. Rob was breathing down our necks all night long and recorrecting everybody like six thousand times. I understand and the new system he is impementing is working, but I get protective of my staff and frustrated like Im not being allowed to do my job. Hopefully it will improve. The raise was nice at least.

I will have a new compy by the end of the week. Thank God. I am sick of small font and half a screen. Right now half the words are missing so please excuse typos on the far right or left of the screen.

I started my Grad School App for SIT in Brattleboro VT today. I just wanted to see what it felt like. And I really liked it. I decided against the school in Phillie cuz when I read all the bieos these people were like superheros who had conquered the world then decided to go back to school. So right now Im looking at the one in VT. It was the one I found like 2 years ago and almost cried when I found it. It feels like the right fit, and it isn't uber expensive. Plus it is in like a small town area and in the midst of some beautiful countryside. I could use a breather from the town life and moving to a big city didn't sound very pleasing just yet. So we shall see where God leads my path to straighten.

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Quaid Ledingham said...

It sounds like life is treating you pretty good. That is cool you got to cruise a Malibu (however you spell that). I was giving someone a ride in my car once and when i hit the gas to get into some tight traffic, the pannel that covers where the air bag use to be flipped off and landed in her lap and she flipped out. I thought it was pretty humorous, but pretty getto. I am going to give you some good dating advice...get ready. All guys are Jerks! We don't mean to, but crap happens, lol. Well, I am glad everything seems to be going so well (other than job stress). Take care! Your friend, quad