Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weird Weekend

So this was a weird weird weekend. It went by slowly and quickly. Friday was a flash. Then Sat morning I had Sing Song practice.. Jenna Lucado and the other girls are so sweet.. It has been such a blessing to get to know them.. I went home and caught up on some sleep I needed after a week of being sick. Then Hooked up with Brooke for a walmart run, quick dinner and a dash to JCPenney to pick up lingirie for Rachel.. we found some cute stuff there.. After that we headed to the Shower and pretty much got lost for like 30 minutes or so.. it was scary a nd dark and BFE. For those of you who dont know what that means.. think Boonies, Nowheresville etc. Well we eventually made it and there were like 45 people there.. it was packed. We watched her blush as she opened presents, played a relatively tame game and then I .. twentyfive minutes later.. had to leave for work. I really did! I felt bad for leaving after so quick.. I wanted to atleast be there for like an hour before having to go.. but there were so many people ther I didnt feel too bad. Anyways.. I got to work and EVERYTHING was under control.. they were doin awesome.. it was clean and neat and efficient. It felt good to feel useless!

I headed over to Sarah Easters house for some Gilmore Girls, lost miserably at the trivia game but it has been great to be welcomed into the friendship of these girls. I am to the point where I am about ready to give up my cats to be able to live with Andrea next year. We'll see. God is Good and I trust him. After that we swung by the boys house where they were watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose. We caught the last part of the movie and then I had to sneak back to work to help them close. We got out by 1:30 which was pretty impressive for a Saturday night.

This morning I accidentally slept through church and went to the nursery. I got to see Lindley and Gracie dance like penguins and watch lil jackson make me nervous as he strutted through the room.. weirdest baby gait ever! but so cute! Holland didnt come. Sad.

I did some homework and headed over to the boys house to bring ERRm to Megiddo for the Superbowl party. I brought brett my NY Times to trade for his Econimist. We are big nerds. It was a good NYT though.. Im excited about the new issue of the Economist!! Then off to the Sullivans for dinner and back to Brookes for studying

It is now 11:11. I saw that this morning and last night. My Grandma is saying hello I think. Or God is trying to tell me something. I dont know but I am at peace about it.

Now I am going to go read some of my frighteningly sweet book. Its so sweet and delicate it is like therapy. Goodnight all!

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