Sunday, July 09, 2006


Ultimate tonight was a blast. Really great defense/offense, teams matched up, good sportsmanship. Snagged some good ones, tossed some good ones. The good ones generally outran the bad so it wasnt horrible. I did tend to crap my throws whenever Cody guarded or was near.. he makes me nervous. Injured or not he's good.. amongst other things.
I gained a new nickname..hence the title. It started as philly cheesesteak and morphed.. Im not a big fan but i thought it was funny, cuz one its not very flattering, and two cheesesteaks are gross

Went to church.. we had 11 babies in nursery C, 10 in D and a ton more in the others.. normally its like 4 or 5 babies and one or two workers.. it was nuts.. but a good time. Despite the good times my church shopping begins in august. Shopping isnt the right word.. quest.. venture, looksie.. whatever.

Jenni, Sam and I are officially the only people who are keeping Third Rock running right now.. we realized today that we need to figure out whos doing what since squat was delegated as Rob left for vacation/moving to houston. Oh well I only have a couple more weeks til im free from closing.

My class for summer 2 was cancelled, funny how tempted I was to drop it and decided against it. so Im just teaching and working now. Good news is Ill be able to head to GH in August with brooke.. we were looking up tickets for the weekend of Coast Guard.. I miss home. GH feels like home even if I dont have a house ther, or family. Its my childhood and adolescence in all its pitfalls shortcomings and glorious comebacks.

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ErinEC said...

Way over due for a Phyllis update :)