Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow. So November's over?

Welcome to December. Yuck.

Things are going well but pretty stressful right now. Doctor hasn't called me to schedule a surgery, my schoolwork is going very VERY slowly, Dad doesn't have a job again, it's been great to hang out with Nasser but stressful too since the Man is somewhat against it. Work wise though not much has changed. Mostly I just feel like I don't have time for ANYTHING. I haven't studied in like 3 weeks because of waiting for my professor to approve my topic. She did, but she changed it so now I have to start over. I was going to yesterday but Thanksgiving craziness took over. I ended up going to thanksgiving with Pastor Jorge and the family. His brother's family lives in El Paso so I crossed to Juarez at 3, went to church at 5, then we left to cross into EL Paso at like 8:30, only to leave the truck and cross by foot. Then at about midnight we finally crossed back into Juarez, only for Nasser and I to jump back in the truck to cross into El Paso again. We were in El Paso that night, then I crossed to Juarez Friday to bring him home, only to be invited to stay in Juarez Friday night. So I stayed and hung out with Eileen most of the night. Went to the comedor on Saturday morning, and finally got "home" at like 3pm on Saturday. I slept allll day until midnight, ate some food and went back to bed. CRAZY. But it ended up a pretty satisfactory Thanksgiving so I'm happy! Nuts though eh?

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