Friday, January 15, 2010

Good things abound.

I'm so glad God works all things for those who love him. And I do. And He does.

So on the lighter brighter side of the world:
I went to this training this week to be a racial justice facilitator for the ywca here in El Paso. It was a great and humbling experience. It also reminded me once again that I love my education and what I have learned to do. This training was humbling because it was basically the skin and bones of my degree in three days. I loved hearing how they taught facilitation and issues of social justice to people who would then turn around and start teaching it. I am excited to cofacilitate and learn with other educators how to work the minds of young adults and stretch them to see the harsh reality of the world and more importantly the hope found in working for change. It is amazing that I have been placed in the ONE organization in town who does the work I love for FREE without even knowing it. Which means while I live here I can get hours and hours of training experience without having to do it as a "profession" yet then move to another town and have this amazing portfolio of experience. All while still keeping my job at the shelter and loving the relationships I have here.

On another great note I get to see Justin in a few weeks. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. His deployment made a pretty big shift in our relationship for the better and I am so excited to hug him and tell him I'm proud of him.

On ANOTHER great note.. my diploma is in the post office waiting for when my work schedule allows me to pick it up.

On another good note but.. well brace yourselves. We found another roommate candidate.. but once again.. no phone calls no email. I AM FAITHFUL GOD WILL PROVIDE US A ROOMMATE TODAY AND HER NAME WILL BE DENICE AND SHE WILL BE TINY AND WONDERFUL. Mostly becauas I know God answers prayers and she is cool girl. I just hope she didn't disappear into the abyss like the last one. Makes me fearful to call someone else. Will they too disappear? And to where exactly?

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