Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Congrats to Blade aka Steve

Just heard my good friend Steve got engaged! I'm so happy for him I've been hearing a lot about how he's been doing lately and its so good to have good friends with similar interests. We've been long distance buddies for about three years and its been a neat thing God has done. He was showing me this really cool website for "conflict free" diamonds. He's a social justice head like me too and I thought that was neat. I've never been that girl that plans her entire wedding by the age of eight.. just as brooke and megan who both had drawers for their "wedding ideas". I still plan on taking brooke up on the offer of planning and executing my wedding for me some day since I am extremely clueless. Thats ok though. Thats what friends are for right Brooke?

Still no word from the roommate, and still havent heard back from the pastor rick about money for my computer which would be an incredible blessing right about now. Who knows. I just am trying to trust and be faithful that it will all work out. We have a roof and food and good family and friends. We can be poor for another month if we have to.

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