Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crazy things are happening.

Welcome to March.
Today is my birthday.
I am engaged.

Why do I feel kinda sad today? Weepy even.

Overall life is incredibly great right now. We have a third roommate who is moved "in".. aka paid rent and moved in her furniture. TBD when she starts sleeping at the house. She's hilarious and fun, super outgoing and exciting. My Becky is still an incredible girl who I admire in so many ways. We enjoy our time together and she listens to me ramble when I stress out. She's good at it, I try not to take advantage of it.

Some days my job is great, others I want to just walk out the door and never come back. Today is actually an ok work day. I spent my morning encouraging one of our participants that she really has done some great things she can be proud of. Her husband was a very violent abuser and she slips things into her conversations like... well I still have issues with my teeth since my husband kicked me in the face with his workboot... Rough. Rouuuuugh. I got nothing to complain about.

My cats are great. They give me so much joy. They make it really difficult to get to work on time. I wake up to them all snuggled around me and they are so sweet and affectionate. Makes me happy to feel loved and cared for even if they are just cats.

I'm also engaged. Which is awesome. Justin is such an incredible guy and he has stolen my heart for sure. He's stable and strong, proud and sweet, talented, wise, and lots of fun. We have lots of adventures ahead of us.. the first being getting through this current deployment and executing a huge wedding. That part so far is stressing me out a bit. Next post will have details.

Today I am working and enjoying tedious tasks. I am enjoying birthday wishes from friends and family, and talking with people from venues. Still my heart is sad today. I miss justin a lot. I feel just a little lonely here in el paso even though I am surrounded by people who love me. People at work, my roommates, friends from church. Everywhere. Still I'm sad today. 8 months is not going by fast enough.

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