Sunday, April 11, 2010


I really don't have a better title than that. Today was a pretty eventless day. I'm recuperating from an awful flu that hit me saturday. Apparently the lot of us who went to Peter Piper Pizza on Wednesday Night caught something because about 9 of us that went ended up with relentless stomach flu (I'll spare the details), fever, chills, dizziness etc. I came home from work early and was racked up in bed all weekend. To top it off I'm still tired and starting to get a sore throat which I am attributing to our newly operational swamp cooler. Same thing happened to Justin and I in this house when he turned it on for the first time last year. Bummer.

The good news. I get my tax check back Tuesday! Which means I get to start my allergy shots, pay off some bills, credit card and have some money to save in the bank towards wedding stuff. So far the plans are working out well and I am excited to move forward again. I am sort of taking a wee break from plans right now. My sister is dealing with the calling off of her wedding and its pretty hard to be planning mine when I know she is struggling and in pain. I love you sister! I am sorry it got called off.. I'm glad you didn't marry what turned out to be a loser. Many prayers.

The one thing I'm worrying about is the budget right now. I need to have a real conversation with my dad about it but it has been such a struggle for us. Its hard to have serious convos when we both have such stubborn heads and differing opinions. I have treated him pretty badly about it, not intentionally but in hindsight I should have been more sensitive. I plan to rectify this when I call him this week. I wish I could fly out to see him and the Mrs. so we could sit down and work together on it. Maybe I'll suggest it.

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