Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I'm a time stealer. I think of that episode from the office when they have to do an HR meeting about ethics and they talk about time theft. I'm bad at it. Luckily I still get all my work done. My new job has been going great but its been such a hard adjustment going from running all day long here and there with lots of different people and stimuli to sitting at my desk writing curriculum with no one to talk to for 8 hours straight. I'm too ADD/multitasker for that. Luckily this part of the job will end soon. Not that I don't love writing curriculum for trainings but I like the actual training part better. Or at least I hope I do haha..

So for those who don't know:
About a month ago I started a new job at the El Paso County Sheriff's Department as a trainer for the Law Enforcement Academy for Region 8 Texas. I will be training in victim sensitivity, psychology and whatnot as it relates to Family Violence and Sexual Assault. Its a pretty fun job and will make a difference in how LE works with victims in the field when conducting investigations. The content is heavy, difficult and emotionally exhausting, but it will be a great way to get training hours in so I can be a professional trainer and have the resume to show for it.

Justin gets home in like 60 days and I can't even really believe it. He should be home the first week of November and it makes me all nervous and smiley to even consider th ethought. Not to mention that we're already legally married which is hilarious and so weird. I haven't seen my husband yet. Look up Marriage by Proxy on Google an dyou'll know what i'm talking about. My facebook picture is sort of a giveaway too.. the guy in the picture is Ryan Visser who is married to the woman taking the picture.. If there was audio you'd hear us giggling saying I do's and Amanda saying "this is so weird, this is so weird". Funny day. It worked out well though. The timing hit perfectly. I had crashed my car and was out a vehicle, starting a new job and not wanting to pay for the health insurance and needed more access to Post for Family Company Meetings (FRG).

So in the last 2 months:
- New Job
- Different Car
- New House
- New "status"-.. aka Wife. Military wife at that.

Its been a whirlwind summer but the end is nigh.

December 19 is the wedding. Plans are coming along. Invitations are in the mail for the most part and Justin will be coming home soon.

I love you all and thank you for all the support over this past year. Phew!!

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