Thursday, September 04, 2008


So I have a hard time going into stores where people are paid on commission. You know what I mean... So is this what you want? I think you need this? You would enjoy this, this, this, and this too! Foot tapping so they can get on to the next "big fish". Yuck. I would despise that job and I get super tense when I just need to sit stare and think for an hour before making a choice..

This is what happened to me the other day. I went in to REI to buy a backpack.. I knew I wanted an internal frame pack, nothing uber fancy, something on sale preferably, I had about 150 bucks to spend and it was labor day so things were on sale. I didn't know how to size them so I needed one of those sales people but man was he a turd. No thats too much.. he was just annoying. He gave me three options.. ultralight, deluxe or the travelpack thing that I hated. I was thinking ultralight anyway so I grabbed that one.. he said I needed a medium.. handed me a small to my dismay when I got home and I ran to the front. He just kept standing there and asking me about where I was traveling, how, why, and if I had done it before. Yucking it up while I was trying to think. Didn't let me ask questions or ponder.. just kept talking and pressuring. Ugh. Typically I already know what I want and don't want when I go into situations like that.. but whatever..he was doing his job.

So now I am going back to REI.. to switch it out. I haven't decided if I want to get the same one or a different one. Man.. this is why I need a constant wingman.. hahaha.. or wingwoman.

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